The Week That Was on Facebook #32

These are from my Facebook page for the week ending August 13, 2016

August 12
"Killing an animal that for five million years has had an important role to play in nature is an act of adolescence. As long as urbanites keep their dogs and cats inside at night, coyotes pose no unique or overwhelming danger..." - NY Times

Stop Killing Coyotes

Why do we still single out these creatures for destruction?



August 11
This is a long read but well worth the time . . . read every word!
Jon Katz’ message: "I believe Trump has appeared for the good, and that we will be a better and stronger country for it, depending on how the new president responds. We needed a good wake-up call, and we got one. Now it is up to us to make something good come out of it.” . . . AND let’s pay attention to the needs of those left behind!

Stop Worrying: The Election Is Over. Now, The Left Behind.

For some weeks now, people have been e-mailing me to tell me why they are worried about this year’s presidential election. I was puzzled by this, as I left political writing…



August 11
Some people are asking: When one makes outrageous, unfiltered utterances, is that person called a trumpist, trumper, or trumpeter? And is the utterance called a trumpism?



August 10 · 
Some people are asking: Is the Libertarian Party the “none of the above” party? We need to learn more about the party’s candidates, Gary Johnson and William Weld. We need the press to focus on ALL of the presidential candidates, not just the two that are making all the noise. “Polls show the Libertarian ticket is within striking distance of the magical 15 percent, the threshold to qualify for the televised debates.” - S.D. Union-Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins.
Let’s tell the pollsters you are voting Libertarian. We need to add a solid voice to the forthcoming debates to, at least, keep the other two from self-destroying themselves if not win the presidency. Let’s get them up to that 15% threshold in the polls. People need to know that there are alternatives. -- Please "Share" this post.


August 9
Some people say that America doesn't need a salesman running the country, it sells itself. What America needs is a good leader!
August 9 
"This is an American emergency: an acute shortage of public integrity at the highest level of our politics." - Michael Gerson, columnist for the Washington Post