Tango Contemplates: We must make hard choices to save planet

We must make hard choices to save planet - Tango Contemplates

Regarding “Earth’s crossroads” (Sept. 11, San Diego Union-Tribune): About 3.5 billion years of beautiful, delicately balanced evolution appears about to go up in a puff thanks to what seems like a bad biological experiment called the human race.

In his recent column, New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, starkly warns that species extinction, rain forest destruction, ocean depletion and greenhouse effect are reaching the runaway point when the "world as we know it will unravel". 

Perhaps, in order to save this planet, the human race should become the next species to become extinct -- before Elon Musk gets to Mars!

Let this be a warning. We cannot survive on our current trajectory. What future leader will be bold enough to address this issue straight on? 

We need to get our collective minds focusing on the survival of this planet and of our species as its prime citizen.

(Letters to the editor, San Diego Union Tribune, Sept. 16, 2016)