And Now Let's Move On . . .

DemocracyLiberty and freedom are ingrained within each American citizen through our birthright.  It means we can have awful family feuds including the kicking and punching but we will always come back to the family dinner, ready to kiss and make up -- and then go at it again.

Regardless of who wins, tomorrow will occur.  Life will go on.  The same currents will flow.  But the emphasis will change.  

As with Jon Katz of Bedlam Farm (one of my favorite writers), I think it is unfortunate that Donald Trump became the spokesman for those who think they have been left behind as it "makes it so easy to dismiss his followers as bigoted and ignorant because he is so flawed. It also makes it easy for his followers to dismiss everybody else as corrupt elites.”

To their ears, he spoke like it is.

At least it is all out in the open so that this post-election focus should on being aware of everyone’s needs. For some, political correctness is not correct, so be it.  At least we should pay attention.

And American freedom, liberty and democracy will go on!