A Haircut and A Bowl!

I'm getting on a Greyhound Bus so I can get to Georgia by Friday to get a Haircut in my favorite bowling alley. 

Haircut and a Bowl

These are the times that try our common sense. Some people we've heard say it's no different than a typical flu season is either an idiot or knows no arithmetic. A typical flu season will, unfortunately, kill about 20,000 (Twenty Thousand!) Americans. That is a number that is horrible to banter about. We are already way past doubleˆthat number – on our way to 60,000 dead Americans within a time frame half that of a "typical flu season."

So let's all keep our sensibilities and keep following the advice of the health and welfare medical experts. 

Please do not jump the gun. Please disregard those who disregard this advice. They are NOT your leaders.

A Vanity Fair article: "Front-Runner for Country’s Dumbest Governor to Reopen Essential Bowling Alleys, Nail Salons Friday
Brian Kemp seemingly asked for a list of the businesses where people are in closest proximity, a key factor to spreading COVID-19, and said, Let’s start with those." Read the Vanity Fair article.