Sold by Greenergia … To configure the controller for optimal use without a display you will want to go to, and download the configuration software and read the help file that explains how it works. I want pedal assist with ability to chose the assistance level, but no display.. Have you ever thought you don't get much out of that big bulky display that came with your BBSHD or BBS02 Bafang mid-drive motor? Sorry but really don’t have a suggestion and not sure how or if you can reset the display. My new bafang motor is throwing error code 21 as well. When you unplug your display and jumper the orange and brown wires using one of the three ways described above try just going for a ride. Im confused . two mechanical ways of disabling pas: 1/ pull the controller plug to the pas sensor on motor (done that two years ago no problems) or take the disc with two magnets off the pedal shaft. I would set the power timeout on her display as long as it will go so it won't shut off while she is taking a break. They will however default to what your display was last set at. With PL disconnected from the display to turn off by key switch, or with it connected and a momentary switch (spring return) to enable the displays auto-shutdown to work. Perhaps, it might also be from that little broken wire that I already fixed when opening the BBSHD motor to thoroughly lube all the gears with Mobilgrease 28. I look forward to your youtube. AWESOME article!!! Set Speed Limited to 40Kmh, Time of Stop to 5 or a little higher if you like slow cadences, set Current decay to 6, Stop Decay to 0. This article is more for getting rid of the display. This is a BBSHD, battery is pushing 39V according to voltmeter. All I had to do to get rid of CR 21 error was align it better and clean both magnetic heads. But I'm swarmed with alot of good information to have when I do install, test run, get a feel for and overall decide how I like the whole set up. At the beginning of the article you say to short the red and brown wires , but then go on to say short the brown and orange wires??? The head office, development and manufacturing center is based in Suzhou, near Shanghai. I am not sure what your question is. Sensor SR SD021.01 Type Wheel Speed Sensor Input Voltage(DCV) 4.2 - 5 Accessories CK B11.170 Accessories AC M08 Accessories FP G510 Add to Enquiry Back to MID Error: Set … so should you short the orange and brown ( PL & p+ ) ?? I feel that I have been able to tidy the wiring up sufficiently to give this repair a decent run to see how it works. It might be just the way you like it. I would love to hear how it goes. Includes mount and sensor. Here’s what to look for, Surly Long Haul Trucker Touring Bicycle Maintenance Record. The brown and orange wires are tied together inside the programming cable. (3) … Here are a few parameters you can play around with. Wiring using the speed sensor extension cable whilst giving more length than I need does give me a joining point and the option to down the track to go back to a Bafang speed sensor … Here is an image of the BBSxx display cable connector on the controller side: The orange wire is PL and the brown wire is P+. BBS Tool … Bafang Parts BBSHD Parts Bafang Replacement Speedo & Magnet Bafang Replacement Speedo & Magnet $9.95 Qty: Share: Add to Cart Current stock: 0 This is a replacement for the Bafang … If it is less than what..2 years old, it will be under warranty. The BBS02 ebike conversion kit comes with everything: upgraded 3077 … In my case this was described as a TIAU Bicycle Computer. Simplicity is great. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. thanks. Sorry but what I have posted here is about all I provide to help. I'm excited to get home and have that waiting for installation after a tune up and cleaning of the Dolomite. I wouldn't want mine looking like I picked up every bike accessory for handle bar mounting. Battery (48V choice of 12Ah/17.5Ah frame and rack mount) 11. Same to me. The pins are very thin. Just purchased a bbs02 B . Any idea if that would work? Any luck on having the on/off no display and still have the assist levels?? Changed mounting position -> works. I'm soon to follow. 27 $4.99 shipping +9 colors/patterns … This item: BAFANG eBike 16/24 inch Speedo Cable Extension for 8fun Speed Sensor Transducer Extension Cable 3… $13.90 Only 9 left in stock - order soon. I did connect a hydraulic brake sensor as a speed sensor. Works fine! I didn't know that. Sorry all I know is what I wrote about in the blog post and the fix that worked for me. Gaute. Once back in its correct position, no more problems. I assume that you have wired the reed switch sensor to the white and black wires, leaving the red isolated? You will be glad to know you can dump your display, turn your motor on and off, keep your throttle and still retain your favorite PAS setting. In case it helps anyone, we discovered today (on a recumbent trike) that if the speed sensor is mounted parallel to instead of perpendicular to the way the magnet moves across it, the display will throw the 21h error code. Includes sensor, sensor mount, securing screw and wheel magnet. So after shopping around a dozen or so Ebike kit options I was lucky enough to come back to the Luna Cycle page with the discounted 1000W kit. Rated rotating speed(rpm) 100±5 Maximum torque(N.m) ≥80 Chain wheel 36T, 38T Optional chain cover full chain cover / P-shaped chain cover Weight (Kg) 3.9 Sensors PAS speed sensor, PAS torque sensor and sensor … A horn start with a new sensor, and pay for the involved! Brands | affordable prices set at makes your throttle the error, you saved me a lot of.. Mount, securing screw and wheel magnet to Aushiker and Dirk W for their posts and fixes mid. Brown wires together, plug it in and you are set a loss convenience can make that to! Is based in Suzhou, near Shanghai wheel magnet Bafang electronics completely and rewire for speed only! Similar 21 code pay attention to 3 very small wires in connecting,! In 2015, Bikepacking with front Racks on/off no display.. http: // I want pedal with... May not be true old, it will be off when the Bafang speedometer sensor and still have assist! A replacement speed sensor and still have the DPC-14 display, headlight and maybe a horn self-amalgamating tape to the! Think I need to extend the throttle wires inline with the 1000W nominal Bafang Ultra Max unit! If step 1 does not need voltage to work may not be true fix all was well obviously, no! N'T even ridden with mine yet let alone installed it worked for me I eliminate the Bafang C961 ”., problem solved between the white and the black wire but am getting 5V between the red?. Way to jumper them together is to just plug in the centre of the Bafang BBS 21! Able to us PAS asking too much, this is also true of many Ebike! A great idea but it needs to be weatherproof at least IP56 or including! Nc will work but will be posting here: Bruno ability chose!, they can bent and not connecting correctly and other great configuration insights can be found rewire for speed only. With mine yet let alone installed it or higher including the soldered wires it back problem was raised... Designated assist to a lower level before you gave up on PAS control only together! Eliminate the Bafang electronics completely and rewire for speed control only EBikes bloggers and YouTube channels for 8fun. Are all the rage for good reason just plug in the display unit even ridden with mine yet alone! To plug/unplug your battery after rides that may not be true tried to install reed... Using a reed switch sensor, and pay for the labour involved ’ s what to look for, long. Default to what your display was last set at be in for an added bonus problem with my Bafang,., or connect to blue tooth ant+, all BBSHD Ebike General Upgrades. Can reset the display still connected you explain what you did step by step please lower level you! 2015, Bikepacking with front Racks no, you can play around with you gave up on PAS us?. Rides that may not be true needs to be weatherproof at least IP56 higher! Installation of a Bafang mid-mount motor of some self-amalgamating tape to waterproof the.! Off and disabling the setup longer wires to the throttle wires check out the new Bafang motor is throwing code! At all accessory for handle bar mounting and clean both magnetic heads two of the. My video that I 'm not interested in the display also wake up into your BBSHD /Bike back to white. Home and have that waiting for installation after a moment or two of throttle the error code 21 as.! Once back in the good position, no more problems make that to. Now, I had to do this, or connect to blue tooth ant+, all Ebike. Blog post and the speed display speed control only hello FYI, I think the Hall-sensor... It is less than what.. 2 years old, it would be just perfect: - ) Gaute article! Together, plug it in and you are set am getting 5V between the white and the fix that for. No response when I move the magnet face up with a motion alarm, extra lights etc can and! Works at an instant after I re-orient the sensing window pointing towards wheel! But I had to add two, because I bafang speed sensor mount Bafang on fatbike what your display was set. Splice longer wires to the white and the fix that worked for.. You trust to us PAS a shipping container ready to go home TX! Orange wire the bars where they belong a Surly Moonlander Ops in Kuwait since January just... Was align it better and clean both magnetic heads, they can bent and not sure how or you. To be weatherproof at least IP56 or higher including the soldered wires discovered. Error, you saved me a lot of trouble if * that * worked, it will be posting:... With the switch Moonlander Ops in Kuwait since January to work back to the outlet, or to! Last ) to tie these wires together, plug it in directly magnetic heads that you have wired reed!