Related Articles. So appreciated. I’m wondering where you are finding fresh lavender this time of year? In a bowl, strain milk. It was a bit of an arm killer whipping the egg whites with no mixer, but I did it 🙂 By the way, you left out the measurement for salt, so I did 1/2 tsp. These fires strengthened Brigid’s powers and were purification rites burning off the old to make way for the new growth to come. Wow, thank you for that. Those truffles sound amazing, as does the almond milk! It looks yummy! Darya! This sounds wonderful! I certainly do love olive oil. The Lost Superfoods of Spring: Wild Green Cuisine! The good stuff coming out of your kitchen is unreal. Lovely recipe, Amanda. That sounds delicious. Glad to know it served you well! 🙂 Genious. No, it’s not necessary to use fresh lavender buds! Yes 1/2 teaspoon salt is good…though sometimes I do add more! I seriously found a winning combo with that olive oil and orange juice dressing I made in the post about mung beans. My old HP once said I had ‘good food magic’, and I do I think, but you, YOU are so far beyond anything I’d ever come up with. I love it too! I just got a few sprigs of it fresh from my friends garden. Maybe I’ll add that to my list and see how creative I can be. I find it difficult to keep up with the fresh-from-the-garden stock that keeps coming my way. Will post and link back when I’ve made it – might take me a week or two to get there, but I will.<3, Amanda what a lovely cake. This is high praise coming from an amazing baker like you. What a different cake!! In a new bowl, beat egg whites until soft peaks begin to form. Although the truth is, I’ve been seeing it in lots of recipes lately, so maybe I’ll buy it and test it out with this cake 🙂. Golden & Sunny Fornacalia Bread: Goddess Magic for The Feast of The Ovens. I believe that olive oil makes this cake more soft and moist. And lavender may just be my new obsession. Place chickens on top. He just eats off of it. xo. Having read a lot about cholesterol, I’m not entirely convinced about it being bad for you. Add 1/4 of the Matte Lavender Soap Color Cube and stir into the melted soap. i think i’m gonna like this olive oil cake, superb even more with roserarry scent…. Almost dream like. This one is absolutely a keeper. Line a heavy skillet or roasting pan with ¾ th each of rosemary and lavender. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for 1 hour, until the top is golden and a cake tester comes out clean. Wild Spring Greens: A Superfood Recipe Round-up! You’re threatening my waistline, my dear! A cake! 🙂, oh my GOD I think I just found my new favorite blog! 5 Egg whites. I just made this but changed the syrup from lavender rosemary to chamomile. Next time I’ll bring you a piece. I put rosemary in scones and cakes whenever I can. It sounds like you have been cooking like crazy, and this cake looks and sounds delicous. Pinterest: Regressive Feminist Scourge or Virtual Woman’s Temple? May 29, 2020 - This Rosemary Lavender Cake covered with fresh Coconut Cream Frosting is elegant looking and aromatic. And happy one-month-early birthday! Thanks so much. xoxo, Wow, I’ve never used lavender in cooking, it must give an amazing taste along with the rosemary. I’m starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me. Hot Cross Buns: A Recipe for Springtime Magic! I want more of it. What a gorgeous post! I completely agree with you. MAGICAL COOKERY. Yum! Goat Cheese Cakes with Rosemary and Lavender Honey Every year, the lavender fields of Provence, France are ordained with beautiful shades of dusky purple. As the new sun goddess, all forms of light, heat and illumination were sacred to her so Imbolc was marked with bonfires in the fields and blazing hearths, torches and candles at home. I just loved looking at the photos and wishing it was summer here. This is the time the earth stirs,  preparing to give new life, and it offers us an opportunity to awaken from the quiet of winter and start making plans for the future.  Making this cake can be a quiet ritual time, so when you’re creaming, beating and stirring, contemplate the seeds you wish to plant in the coming year. Brigid was believed to be a teacher of ‘herbcraft” and so many plants and flowers sacred to her, such as sage, heather, violets, rosemary, angelica and blackberry were often featured in Imbolc foods. I love lavender in sweet desserts (I recently made lavender chocolate truffles with almond pulp from making almond milk), but I’ve never made olive oil cake, and it sure sounds like a great combination, especially with the herbs and citrus… yum. I picked it with her! You can buy a plant and just have it. ), ½ tablespoon nettle seeds (just use additional poppy seeds if you don’t have any), (and a few extra seeds for sprinkling over finished cake). This is so gorgeous! I can feel a special flavour from rosemary and lavender seed! I think the blackberries would work wonders. I will be making this cake for every occasion in the foreseeable future. So far so good, just took the cakes out of the oven and they look perfect! You are so kind. Thank you so much, Azita! Diana’s Apple Pear Cake w/Queen Anne Lace: Fit for a Goddess! But that’s just me. Aw thank you so much, nena. wonderful to read of coming Imbolc on a cold January night. I’m going to make your cake for sure. It’s flavor is subtle. My mom used to renderred coconut cream into oil and use it in cake, it turns out really great, Liked it? Made this tonight for our Imbolc feast, and it was amazing! To be honest I’ve never thought about baking with olive oil, I am one of those butter bakerette’s. An ode to the season, kissed with freshness — one that arrests your palate with its distinctive flavor. Delicious recipe, though I do cut out some cheese due to personal preferences. Foraging & Cooking with Coastal Mugwort: A Salt, A Honey & Vinegar, Rowan Berry Kitchen Witchery: Two Recipes, “Soul Cakes” for an Old-Fashioned All Hallows Eve. And the Dutch Puff Pancake is also a particular favourite of mine! To assemble the cake brush each layer generously with a coating of syrup and then just enough mascarpone cream to cover the cake layer. Thank you for sharing them and also the recipe! I went camping this weekend and thought of you because this post was dreadfully overdue! It’s subtle and sophisticated and makes me look the same when i serve it 🙂, Beautiful photos and a lovely recipe! )If they fell in love with the flavors of these fresh herbs, they were in. I especially also liked your recipe for the Dutch Puff Pancake.Thank you for your postings. unbelievable. I love lavender and rosemary in something citrusy and sweet. And your photographs…. You’ve gone all out with the lavender, etc. 1/4 cup Honey. Lavender and rosemary are herbs of the sun and magically associated with purification, cleansing, protection and prosperity, and the nettle and poppy seeds symbolize new growth, all of which are so ritually important at this time of new beginnings. Already written on my chalkboard menu. Fold one-third of egg whites into yolks, then gently fold in remaining whites. Wow, and here I was thinking this was a very French cake. The scent of the cake is much stronger than the actual taste, which is a very sophisticated experience. The olive oil really adds flavor and moisture. 3 Of fresh rosemary, springs. Looks like you had a fun time camping! Oh wow! Rosemary Cake with Lemon. Summer’s unrelenting spell of bounty has me laboring under its magic from the soil to the sea. I get the same feeling when I see kids that look exactly like their parents. 🙂. For sure! Thank-you! Place all your ingredients in a pot. It’s an exciting task. I like popsicles and hasn’t really tight of that! I would serve it with fresh blackberries, though.. That’s a great idea. Looks amazing. Combine ½ cup butter, lemon zest, and honey in a small bowl. I like your idea for drinks. Sexy Games for Married Couples Bake your intentions into this cake – and then ceremonially eat with friends – or alone!  (Magical Baking Tip: stir batter clockwise for good luck and good health and counter-clockwise for banishing bad ju-ju.). Purple Plum Blossom & Wild Violets: White Chocolate Truffles! The lavender came from my friend’s garden. 🙂 Your photographs are so beautiful, especially love the opening shot. May Brigid’s blessings be with you! Divide batter among pans and bake until a toothpick inserted in centres comes out clean, about 25 minutes After baking immediately invert cake and remove parchment, then cool right side up. It adds more scent than flavor. I’m not going to delve into Imbolc and Brigid here, you’ll find plenty of articles on the websiteÂ. Edible flowers … what a coincidence! You can use either! SEASONAL CELEBRATION. Thanks so much. I will make sure to try it sometime soon 🙂. This one looks like a reliable winner. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Rosemary Dark Chocolate Cherry Fennel Cherry Oat (GF*) Cranberry Almond Fig Pecan Honey Lavender $30/dozen Pies and Hand Pies* Made with fresh fruit and an all-butter crust. But this is a total keeper. Imbolc is an ancient Celtic/ Gaelic holiday marking the turn of the wheel of the year into spring and it celebrated the day the sun and fire goddess Brigid (Brigit, Brighid, Bride, Bridgit, Brídey) returned to earth bringing green to the land. There are quite a lot of experts who say the whole thing is completely misunderstood. A Bounty of Spring Recipes: A Gathering Diary Preview! In Spain olive oil is drizzled on bread and poured over cooked vegetables in the way that we’d use butter. I ate the whole thing over the course of a week. Don’t go crazy – you’ll need enough to ice the top and sides as well! It’s kept gorgeously moist with brushings of lavender and rosemary syrup (between cake layers)  but the slight tang of the Mascarpone icing keeps it from being overly sweet. These fires strengthened Brigid’s powers and were purification rites burning off the old to make way for the new growth to come. I have made a torta de santiago before with almonds, orange zest and folded egg whites. Each came with their own magical purpose. (Get the full story here. So glad! Each came with their own magical purpose. Condiments. Pretty hard to get this time of the year…I just used dried. Nettle Seed & Dandelion Blossom Bars: Superfood! I hoe you try this, is easy for cooks like us who aren’t huge bakers. I would love it. With its beautiful fragrant flavours infused into the cake and frosting, this super easy naked cake is destined to be an absolute winner! It has a crispy crust and an aromatic oil-rich middle, which, if it held any more moisture, would be pudding. I KNOW it! But yes, I am getting outside and trying to enjoy this wonderful weather. I have always been drawn to the style of incorporating flowers in food, however, you are taking it to a grand level. In a bowl, whisk the flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, powder, lavender Whipping by hand – that is impressive! Do you think it will just as good with Gluten Free flour? Thanks so much. I’ve eaten olive oil cake in Spain, made with almonds, orange and lemon zest, but never with orange juice and Grand Marnier. Este post también está disponible en Español. It’s phenomenal and so easy to do! You will like this a lot since we have similar tastes. I think you’ll do a great job. And now I will go and find someone to make this yummy cake for me., … and the fat from Spanish acorn fed pigs (de bellota) contains high quantities of oleic acid, like olive oil: OMG, what a beautiful post, your images are amazing. In a large bowl whisk together the flour, sugar, 1 tablespoon thyme, salt, baking powder, lavender, and baking soda. Thank you, Liz. I love your comments. We had a very rough winter. Have always wanted to make an olive oil cake. I grew up with oil actually because my mom lived in Spain for a while and learned to cook in the Spanish tradition. That would be my kind of bath!!! Would love to see your take on that. Bring the mixture to a soft boil (not rolling) for 5 minutes. La Befana Cake: Honouring The Old Witch of Winter, Triple Dark Chocolate Cheesecake: An Offering For Hekate’s Night, Doe, A Deer, A Female Reindeer: The Spirit of Winter Solstice, Spicy & Sweet Hawthorn Ketchup: Reviving a Traditional Recipe, Citrusy Spruce Glazed Shortbread: Flavour Of The Forest, Aromatic & Spicy Juniper Berry Sugar Stars, Grand Fir Dark Nougat: Winter Solstice Sweets, Winter Woodland Medicine: Delicious & Warming Tonic Syrups, Reclaiming The Radical Legacy Of The Witch. I love this blog so very much! And hope you get your ice cream makers but also, have you considered making popsicles? It’s my friend’s garden. Grease 2 (9-inch) cake pans; set aside. Oh thanks so much. Rosemary & Lavender Lemon Curd “Tassies”: Here Comes The Sun! Those tortas look unbelievable and I’m obsessed with Andalucia. This cake makes me happy and I love the light floral flavor and the cream cheese icing has just enough lavender oil for a light flavoring and compliments the cake deliciously. I love the bundt shape and there you go again using wonderful edible flowers. Butter two 9-inch round cake pans. I’m going to make it!! Available seasonally. It’ll make you look like a hero, but it’s so simple. The pictures are amazing! It’s all so beautiful, and honoring, and holy, sacred, something like that. Beautiful! Planning to include a tea party theme for May in the Gather Cookbook! I’ll have to try it. I love when I meet someone who knows what he’s talking about. I use olive oil for most things (having lived in Spain I don’t use any other kind) aside from roast potatoes, which I cook in goose fat. Thanks for reading, MD. Cranberry & Peppermint Honey Cake: Hail To The Mothers! Wonderful! But this one is heavy with oil rather than almonds and is kind of way better! Sun herbs for example brought their powers of purification, protection and prosperity, which were ritual themes throughout all Imbolc celebrations. I know you will do amazing things with it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. That’s why my ridiculous web address is ser cocinera. Use good quality oil. The Bonnach Bride was also eaten in the fields so that a piece could be thrown over the shoulder to honour Brigid and nourish the land. Looking forward to making this festive and beautiful offering. But it really is good and you can do it! Thank you! Rosemary Lavender Cake | Sprinkles For Breakfast Thanks for commenting as always, Jovina. Do you have a link to one? Besos! Line bottoms with parchment paper. Spread a very thin layer of rosemary buttercream on top of the cake. Sticky Toffee Acorn Bundt Cake: A Prize Winning Recipe! I am so happy it is summer here. Add some extra grand marnier in honor of your former cleanse. I get so excited about the earth yielding such beautiful things, it’s like I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I had no idea you could eat flowers until a few years ago so I’m a latecomer to the game. Nettle & Wild Onion Rice Balls: Savouring Spring! What a gorgeous cake Amanda! Refrigerated. Great idea! I seriously ate it for breakfast and dessert for a little less than a week. Oh my goodness – I’m printing this off right now. Fragrant Linden Blossom Sun Cake: A Magical Midsummer Treat, Celebrate The Magic of MidSummer with Fragrant Floral Extracts, Lilac Madeleine Cookies: Remembrance of Fragrances Past, Spellbinding Sweet Woodruff Cake: Prosperity Magic, Dandelion Root Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bars: Gather Diary Sneak Peek, Lemon Balm & Juniper Berry Sugar Cookies: A Gather Diary Sneak Peek, The First Pizza? Ojala que tus estudios de piano vayan muy bien! Whisk together egg yolks and one cup of the sugar in a bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water until sugar has dissolved and the mixture is warm, 3 to 4 minutes. What a beautiful cake. I love cakes made with olive oil but the lavendar doesn’t grow down here. I never had much butter, even though I grew up in a very dairy heavy farm area because my dad is a doctor and understands the effect cholesterol has on the body. I was selfishly thinking of my own (vicarious) pleasure when suggesting popsicles. Once the cake is assembled, spread icing over the top of the cake. Cover the sides, with the remaining mascarpone cream, then using the edge of a spatula scrape the mascarpone cream off the sides off the cake to reveal the sponge, thus creating the “naked cake” effect. So consider celebrating the coming of spring with a magical cake fit for a goddess! I kind of wish I were at your place. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe it’s beautiful and I can’t wait to make it. 🙂 I have only snagged some lavender once, out of respect, but I love it in butter and sugar, as well.