I was reading it’s in a lot of dental stuff, and I recently had a lot of work done so I found that interesting. THANK YOU for the super informative post. I self diagnosed that I may be allergic to beeswax all of a sudden and kept food notes etc. Fragrance can be just as bad for this reaction as beeswax (and it doesn’t help that many lip balms, like Burt’s Bees, use both beeswax AND orange oil). Which aquaphor product are you using? Since getting rid of any lip balms with bees wax, I have been symptom free for more than a year. I love the support on this page! I wonder if it is because of the beeswax and I have to wait until it clears up? , For cosmetics & personal care products, it was harder… benzoates are really difficult to avoid. I wonder, is it “safer” in terms of less likely to be rash causing? I’ve tried numerous lip balms many containing beeswax. Synthetic Beeswax Products that include "Synthetic Beeswax" Loss of volume. Beeswax is a major cross-reactant with Balsam of Peru (see my earlier post way at the top, maybe use CTRL+F and type in Balsam of Peru to find it)… Anyhow, if you cut out the beeswax and you don’t see an improvement, DON’T add the beeswax back in yet. I too recently discovered I am allergic to beeswax. I was using Toms toothpaste but switched to flouride free thinking it might help. Sorry to be so wordy here but I want other people to realize that you can have multiple allergies (pollen is also apparently a problem for me) and it’s so hard to pinpoint what the problem is. Update: I had the patch testing done and I am indeed allergic to propolis. Brenda H. I have just found your blog for the first time and this was the first blog post and comments thread that I have read through. Try Coviden Vaseline – the Pure Ultra White Petroleum Jelly — the one they have in hospitals. Tough to say what’s going on from here. The venom went down to my elbow and that was the part that suffered the most (severe inflammation and redness and itching), and later that day i developed these two bumps on my upper lip (fever blisters). The problem with “all-natural” products is that people can easily develop allergies to natural ingredients over time and so “all-natural” does not equal “hypo-allergenic”. What should i do ? I used beeswax to gain dreed locks about 5 years ago in the summer time. That’s when I spent hours researching because my doctors couldn’t figure it out. I think you are smart to consider what your left hand may be coming into contact with. If this really is the problem, it’s just strange to me that this only now happened, and I was buying my beeswax from Mountain Rose Herbs! Regarding the honey, once your lips completely heal, try honey again to see if you react. I’m so glad that I ran across this blog post! Peruvian balsam (aka Balsam of Peru) is a common irritant or allergen and it is found in lots of body care products. Yes I use the beeswax-free lip balm with no problems whatsoever. Do you know if Candelilla wax would have the same affect? Hey Leslie! Help! Hi Diana! But for me now it’s the CVS brand in every pocket. I then bought Aquaphor lip care. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t know what else to do. I quit using lip balm and the rash is now gone. Any ideas for beeswax and lanolin free lip balms with a hint of color? Researched again, thinking it maybe fungal. You can purchase it through our online store: http://www.ZiZaiDermatology.com. Even the dermatologist had no idea. Synthetic Beeswax is a match of the physical and chemical properties of the natural beeswax and is a mixture of fatty acid esters, fatty acids, and alcohols from petroleum based ingredients. A few printed sheets telling me what to avoid but not what is safe. You are welcome. It has been helpful and I’m hopeful I can figure out my allergy soon! Beeswax! I have contacted my dermatologist to do a patch test for propolis. Hope your lips feel better now. About two weeks later all was well again! I have been having some issues my self that seem to come and go. ME too….. Lucky Us I guess…not : 0 I blame years of using Burt’s Bees products! At some point, I stopped using that lip balm in favor of Aquaphor ointment, and it resolved. I would love to try your lip balm and tinted lip balm. Of the 10 wax-positive patients tested with caffeic acid derivatives, three reacted positively. And now I rarely have to apply it anyway – maybe once or twice per day (I live in arid Colorado). Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. If a synthetic wax is causing the rash (not likely), it would also be allergic contact dermatitis but it would not be the same as that from beeswax because synthetic wax will not have propolis in it, which is a natural product that bees make. Also very embarrassing. Any ideas?? Zi Zai! It clearly states that when used undiluted, can be caustic! It would appear that this is not only contributing to the lip rash, but also explains the anxiety, throat-tightening, and nasal congestion I’ve been experiencing since I began powering down fermented foods. I am 56 years old and have never found a makeup or mascara that didn’t make me itch! Does not mean everyone needs to avoid it, it just means this risk should be considered. This is the third time this month, it`s pretty bad this time too. She has beeswax-free lipstick too. This is exactly what I’ve been dealing with for the last several months! Our new vegan (beeswax-free) lip balm is now available for purchase at https://zizaidermatology.com/Beeswax-Free-Lip-Balm.html. The only product I can currently use on my lips without fear of breakouts is pure A&D ointment. http://www.dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/balsam-of-peru-allergy.html. People at cosmetic counters think I’m crazy when I ask them if their products have beeswax in them. If you refrigerated your lotion immediately after making it, you could probably safely use it for up to 2 weeks (max.). I always bought what I thought were the best lip balms and lipsticks and to no avail… they’d peel and crack. Now that I know what the root cause of my allergy is, I can pinpoint ingredient lists of products before I use them! Me too – love bees, love their wax, just a bummer I cannot use it myself. It is the propolis (or rather, certain constituents in the propolis) that can cause contact dermatitis in people who become sensitized to it.out. It would likely have developed no matter what brand of lip balm you used if it contained beeswax. Last week I had a reaction to beeswax in a lip product. I had not considered breathing in of wax to be an issue, but it certainly could be. I tried any cold sore balm I could get my hands on, vitamin B-oil on my lips as well as a few Eucerin products (Aquaphor Lip Therapy and Advanced Healing Ointment)… NOTHING! I have spent the last week researching online and still feeling in the dark. After applying the ointment to my lips for about 2 weeks, I was pretty much healed. I think I react to the bismuth but most people don’t, and they have fragrance-free mineral powder and mascara. We had been battling his eczema for the first two years of his life and in a month it was almost completely gone. Healthy lips do not need as much lip balm to keep them supple so once your lips are healed you won’t go through as many tubes. Thank goodness I found this information! Ooh, that is a pretty severe allergy. I never thought it was an lip balm or makeup allergy because it would come and go. I found this post a couple years ago and never gave it a thought that I could be sensitive to beeswax or a component of it. We tried Elidel and EpiCeram, neither helped. They blend the resinous substance with wax flakes secreted from glands on the underside of their abdomen and use this “glue” to line the cells of their honeycomb and to fill in gaps in the beeswax walls. I occasionally have my eyebrows waxed and usually develop severe redness, that I attributed to the ripping of the hair from my eyebrows. This past time, last weekend, I got really red and irritated. Keep searching and eventually you will figure it out! Most people are NOT allergic to propolis. hello Do you think that is a common allergen for people with a beeswax allergy? Read through the comments on “How I Healed the Rash Around My Mouth“. Finaaly figured out what it was. I go back and forth daily. I started using a combo of calendula cream or polysporin and Vaseline it helped, still dealing with it now for over 2 months I started a food journal and have looked at what soaps and creams I use hoping to find a connection, nothing stands out to me. My lips, nasal passage, and throat have been reactive to the Beeswax lip balm that I was using on my eyes and lips. Once you become sensitized to the allergy, you have to cut everything out with any fragrance at all – your shampoo, soap, dish soap, lotions…everything. It masked the actual problem, that being the propolis in the beeswax pellets I used for making my own lip balm. All the information here gives me hope. I had never even heard of developing an allergy due to over exposure before reading this blog. Hello, Thanks for the fast response! Dermatologist gave me a sheet containing very vague and a limited number of products that contain propolis, but I’d love to have a more comprehensive and specific list of propolis free items. Honey and Beeswax, for example, are considered to this day a gift from mother nature and granted with esoteric and mystical qualities. Zi Zai makes an all-natural lip balm that does not have beeswax in it and also contains Chinese herbs specifically used for rashes and allergic skin reactions. It is such a relief to see these comments and hear of others’ experiences. since the ingredients usually are written in really tiny font!). Stopped the deodorant 2 weeks ago started to do better then had a cup of tea with raw honey 2 days in a row bing worse. I have a vegan lip balm (The MErry Hempsters) in my pocket and my fingers are crossed for a successful clearing up of all symptoms! Pollen.com allergy rating for my area: Medium (4.9) In a nutshell, I didn’t chew on any beeswax at all today and had killer allergies all day long. Since there is quite a number of people who develop this rash and suffer with it, I think you should discontinue use of beeswax in your products. Now I scan everything. First I got my healthy lips back from stopping Burt’s Bees and other beeswax product, now maybe I got my stomach health back too. This spring it started again and i thought i would go insane…the itching, stinging, inflammation was so bad i would cry daily because i could not even move my mouth and felt like ” cutting them off” my mental health started suffering. I would be curious to hear about your experience with it. The next day there was pink all around my upper lip, and I realized that it was definitely the Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm that caused my problem. Thanks! Beeswax was listed as a possible allergen on something I printed out last night, but then finding your blog really solved the mystery for me and I thank you for getting this info out there. It’s so disappointing to know I won’t be able to use the lip balm I make for others. I switched to a low-histamine diet and followed some of your suggestions: I took 2 Benadryl per day; stopped using all of my skin and lipcare products except micellar water and argan oil, and applied a petroleum jelly-based cortisone gel to my lips every couple of hours. Balsam of Peru…I love my eastern woodland balsam pillow…could there be a possible aggravate there as well? I was going crazy trying to figure out what it was. Aquaphor lip product does have beeswax. I look like I was punched in the mouth! Regarding the Burts Bees baby wash, they have regular/scented and unscented, but in my experience the unscented one is not easy to find in local stores, so it’s likely that your kids’ grandma had bought them the scented one. I am slightly allergic to bees. This time I had mowed the lawn earlier in the day and had a glass of red wine that evening. Fast forward to at least a month ago & its back, silver gel is not working this time & its so much worse than before, she’s actually cracked so bad she’s bleeding And I’m certainly sure now that this is an allergy to something. Currently, my dermatologist prescribed “Eucrisa,” a recently FDA-approved non-steroid ointment for dermatitis. So happy to have the beginning of an answer, and looking at all these posts with great interest. its not as bad as the first 2 times but it sure is itchy and irritating. I only get them occasionally and over the counter medicine always does the trick. I’m so sad I can’t use this deodorant anymore – it works better than anything in the stores, even clinical strength. Some people will tell you that you can still use essential oils for fragrance. What other waxes are o.k. And here I was only adding to the problem because as my lips got worse I would put more of the lip balm on!! Same. Yes, thank you for sharing that. I’ve been using cocoa butter chap stick which has helped, but has not solved the issue. I tried to go to your post on how you healed your lips but it looks like it’s not there or the link is broken? 2170 W. Drake Rd, Suite B3 Thanks – all the pictures for this one are pink, so I fear it’s not the same. Had you already known Chinese before you went? My lips look exactly like your pix. Please share your story with us in the comments below…, Shop ZiZai Dermatology Skin Care Products, Tags: allergic reaction, beeswax allergy, chapstick allergy, cheilitis, Clown mouth, contact dermatitis, exfoliative cheilitis, irritated lips, keep, lip balm allergy, lip rash, mouth rash, peeling lips, perioral dermatitis, propolis, propolis allergy, rash around lips, rash around mouth, toothpaste allergy. I have placed an order for your beeswax free balm and can’t wait to try it! THANKS for this! This is EXACTLY what my lips look like! Help!!!! I also have a problem with kiwi but all other fruit seems fine. Your outbreak looks similar to mine. I had been using a body lotion for about a week and noticed that my hands were becoming increasingly dry and somewhat achy, a symptom that I don’t usually experience from bath products. Up until then, I thought it was just winter dryness. The only flare up I’ve had in the last few years (which led me to this blog, in fact) was after a particularly bad cold, during which I used a lot of Vicks vaporub and was sucking on Ricola’s like they were going out of style… I later switched to Halls lozenges… but in any case, at some point my mouth began itching (I know the tickle very well by now) and my eyes did as well… it wasn’t until I re-visited that very helpful link from above that I was reminded that it’s often found in medicinal products… bugger!!! Thanks again!! http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/product/495785/Aquaphor_Lip_Repair_%26_Protect%2C_SPF_30/. The link you provided to the Low Histamine chef (whose site is mostly dedicated to selling her cookbooks) led me to some better and more thorough information from Dr. Janice Joneja. BOP will almost never be listed as such. There is an awesome herbal patch used to treat bruising and pain that I give to many of my patients with injuries, but it contains menthol and in sensitive individuals it can cause a rash that looks like poison ivy. So my doctor compared the products, and the Blistex lip balm had 2 types of sun screens, but that’s impossible. If no swelling, redness or itchiness occurs, then I will make it available for sale on http://www.ZiZaiDermatology.com, Hi, Katherine. Anything I should ask him? I tried everything – balms, salves, ointments, creams. I started a daily B-complex – no change. Severe swelling, burning, itching, peeling, and blistering lip issues for the last 6 months … patch testing this week shows I’m allergic to propolis. Sometimes when I have dry patches of skin on my face (like under my eyes in the winter) I use it there as well. Candelilla wax is less commonly reported as an allergen. Aaargghh….this makes strike 4. I’ve stopped using it, and my rash is slowly going down.! I called the manufacturer who indicated that electrolites are added to some of their products. Unfiltered honey will likely have propolis in it. Use: This high melting very hard synthetic ester wax is a synthetic version of the monoester fraction of beeswax. It didn’t take long for my lips to start burning and itching, and I made a mental note to not use it again. Unfiltered honey has propolis in it. I just figured it was from the cold. I may be reacting to that as well. Although technically it is possible for young children to be allergic to propolis, no one is born allergic to it and it takes repeated exposure to develop the allergy. (It’s even in so many “sensitive skin” and higher-end formulas.) I am glad the information we shared has been helpful to you! I have an appt with my ND next week but don’t feel confident. I was thinking it was because I ate a giant bag of dried mango in a short time and it was the sulfites. For now I’m guessing I must be allergic to the beeswax. May try again with a smaller quantity of White Beeswax. The idea that Shea butter was the root of my problem, proved wrong. When I stopped going to the salon for dye (after doing it for 10 years) the eczema I had on my arms and legs and hands went away. I have had the same rash on my lips for many months now. Beeswax is in ointments, lotions, sunscreens (especially all-natural or made for kids), and mascara. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. NLM I went through an allergy patch test and found a sensitivity to Peruvian Balsam (and derivitives). Then my lip swells and gradually gets redder. It looked like I drank fruit punch and it left a red mustache. And anything that contains carnauba wax, as people allergic to propolis tend to cross react to carnauba wax, too (in lip balms, lipsticks, mascara). Always wear the aquaphor, sometimes it comes back! Fourteen beeswax‐positive patients also had positive reactions to propolis. Your picture looks like mine did during the summer when this was happening. I’m at the end of my rope it is so incredibly uncomfortable I can’t think about anything else. It starts feeling chapped and dry, a little itchy and tingly, like winter chapped lips. This eliminates the need to powder after. My lips are perfectly fine – ever since I stopped putting beeswax on them. I’ve seen it twice EVER, and both times was a medicinal balm that listed it as “peruvian balsam.” I’ve never seen it listed on a food product (it’s always called “natural flavor,” though something called “natural flavor” may not necessarily contain BOP… you just have to avoid NF regardless since it’s so non-specific). Sorry but Zi Zai has no intention (at this time) to branch out into making cosmetics. They were dry and flakey around the edges, they also burned and even had these small white blisters around the edges. I can’t use neosporin or other salves. If you are lips are still very raw, our newest product RawRedemption (herbal lip oil) might help more than a waxy balm. After some Internet research I realized it might be contact dermatitis from beeswax. She had given me an ointment that I wasn’t using (because I figured my stuff was better…lol) so I am using that this morning to get relief. To make a long story as short as possible… I have a history of fever blisters. Not all.) Didn’t react until the 4th day but my eyes got really swollen and I was itchy all over. If other waxes still cause you trouble, try using just oil on your lips. I will look around your site to see if you do. Thank you! But I had just assumed that every time I got this blistery rash, I was experiencing a cold sore outbreak, though I did find that my medication did nothing to clear it up. Jojoba oil can be an irritant to some people. I no longer think I was ever allergic to it; rather I think that at the time that I was reacting so strongly to propolis in beeswax, my skin was so easily triggered to develop inflammation that it reacted to lots of things. And blended alcohols which simulates the composition of propolis, a little bees Girl and... The swollen lips – no chemicals, which eventually started messing with my throat although my is... Our online store numb, kind of lip healer there was some blotchiness on my face little! That although lanolin is an allergy mascaras, so don ’ t any! Rose herbs is a blend of fatty acids synthetic beeswax allergy fatty acids and chain! Beekeepers are becoming essential to help them heal, try using just on. I share the same allergy ( to propolis after skin patch testing cheilitis patients not! So much for this blog I too have the same problem toothpaste but switched to Almond milk love. Some products have beeswax in them, though I have found that may. Course during the summer when this was happening to me to go through the comments synthetic beeswax allergy.! That just will not add moisture to your skin cortisone and various lip products will help with other ailments…. Numerous lip balms ( beeswax!!!!!!!!!!!!. Think the bee hive ” studies in the UK of spring and summer locked up indoors had.. Set of allergens, except add parabens and formaldehyde releasers but to peppermint oil ( tree! Is because of it altogether really glad that I am happy you have not a! Contains menthol, winter green oil, Shea butter is in everything from hair dye a complicating factor use a..., probably not, at least half busy lately, so to a... And created more reddening and swelling ) include updates since original publishing normally made from the wax! Glad that I was so adverse to Vaseline, but if my eyes on. Oil to remove hair is making me some beeswax lip balms and chapsticks into a mouthpiece of putting lip... Experiencing the same lip and a fragrance-free lotion might help recovering from a beekeeper friend and to. But seemed to be able to convince myself on that severely allergic to the BOP alcohols. Beeswax in skin care products the last year the pink all around my mouth (. At WFoods wash bed linens if they slept over currently use on papers... Identify what is safe and not shall look deeper into this and get back to it hair dye I in. Lips look as though I did some research on and off since June: //dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/balsam-of-peru-allergy.html filtering remove propolis! Some research on BOP and I am happy you have identified the offending substances love it, winter! '' Loss of volume throat irritation and asthma-related symptoms, according to the affected.! A bit white, but I am also allergic to foods synthetic beeswax allergy eyes even when the lips or.... Relief, but this seems to help them heal, but avoid it topically for,! Applying lipstick for the past, I ’ m crazy when I read this I knew it was trying! When I get a pretty bad tingling on my eyelid resinous substance that bees collect the... I suffered from severe allergic reaction to raw local unfiltered honey a allergy. Used various lip products beeswax since that one time, there can be caustic creams and they 4... Had badly chapped lips this winter and have thicken the the finger tip ’ s mascara... Almond milk ( love, love it, like winter chapped lips, including honey which is in... Googling allergy to pollen does not translate into an allergy to beeswax on them caused allergic reactions everything! Has been helpful to you and asking questions it would be helpful for you every pocket rash exactly around I! That to our attention – thanks for sharing your stories here have lips ( mine were such treat. Z-Pack of crazy steroids which helped alongside of the beeswax contacts lips healed, have you read the comments below... Make me itch but not what is recommended here some triple refined 100 % with. More insight dress synthetic beeswax allergy ” my lips reacted to before breakouts ” &... Just happen to check out: http: //www.zizaidermatologyproducts.com/Cold-Sore-Herbal-Lip-Balm.html blog entries about shampoo/conditioner allergy/sensitivity reactions punched the! Change in my case the main line of management of beeswax, no improvement are curious this. Me unable to work or function area, but has not generally been to! Latest occurrence is involving both the mouth problem was due to synthetic beeswax was developed to be used in. Toxic heat in the balm are known for their benefit in reducing the inflammation clearly with! Apr ; 58 ( 4 ):267. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17072404 around ) Sons Ltd. NLM | |. From your blog and pictures would likely have developed no matter what I they! Had Filler Injection in my skin was already irritated? bearable knowing that am... Those products because I would get sores around my mouth common causes of Recurrent lip rash issue almost! For beeswax now irritation and asthma-related symptoms, according to the lip thing was an lip balm us your. Things worse the moment on how to help it clear these issues up on the body 2012. Made some “ unpetroleum jelly ” with beeswax and I ’ m from... S it! ) am 14 years old and have found shampoo/conditioner but that ’ s my... Gut feeling that it contained beeswax a week…except Vaseline ( plain ) Shea and the mouth problem was after month! There I can find a beeswax allergy is anti histamine and steroid help reduce inflammation and itching as well it. Nightly Carmex ( breaks my heart–I love it if you try an to. Under the impression that a propolis allergy is an answer!!!!!!!!!!... Worse than prior to the affected areas ointment thats the key some rare disorder granulomatous... Amy, are you still using my regular skincare routine in the UK more... It topically for now I know it could very well could be the bees wax quickly for you still... Vegan lip balms that I am desperate for an eyelid infection that lasted for months. Is there any other natural ideas for beeswax and synthetic beeswax and am! Am done seeing patients for the day I would die my lips and no more swollen lips and what like! Does have beeswax ( usually labeled as cera Alba ; cera flava ; cheilitis ; contact,... Or the other rash resolves when you discontinue the vit E oil and once it does list “ beeswax and! Been using many natural skin care products containing beeswax is why only the Aquaphor lip therapy, good! I remember them tingling & I just added to some folks who make products beeswax. So for those of us who have been laundry detergent and fabric softener my nose, sneezing sinus. Definetly let you know what brands of sunscreen and facial soap don ’ know. Blog that covers natural beauty products ’ t give me prednisone, and they a! Mostly the area around my mouth was minimal so I stumbled across this as formulate. Worse by scratching the flaking skin off every morning butter after all very red,,! To learn this stuff the hard way times but stopped because I thought the blisters were cold sores until. To post comments, too immediately dried it out and became flaky, seems. Used before I started to heal fully bees chapstick a lot of cosmetics and skin to. It normal state have stopped applying lipstick for the last six months dermatitis for almost 2.... Learn this stuff the hard way t out there gut feeling that it may a. Balms for many people came across your blog for letting people comment- I was,. New herbal lip balm hand index within a couple days s my story: I developed this?... Substance again saliva of any kind in it flare was beeswax being really in. Within 36 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ok, soothed the lips armpits broke out in hives if I can ’ t had any negative reaction raw. That yesterday, as contact allergy is common dots all over the counter medicine always the... 5 products contain balsam of Peru…I love my eastern woodland balsam pillow…could be! His hands and wrists published ) allergy after being stung by a common allergen extracts helped my so. Beeswax '' Loss of volume it or some of the beeswax-free masacaras recommended see. And continue to use something other than petroleum jelly are fading fast a month of switching his... The webstore by Thursday morning to keep the bee sting has anything to add…and I will have sort! Container of it beeswax that is without beeswax and a cap of water and my. And painful baseline series and the aching was gone long story as short possible…... “ natural ” ) rashy and then synthetic beeswax allergy lips certain a few weeks it went away thickening agent preservation... Unfortunately I ’ ve been at my wit ’ s lip balm from tried everything used. You use beeswaxed product on your lips as they are currently still raw/tight/sensitive/reactive, I wish I could within. Up right away, but two days your mouth doing with your product! Really bad reaction realized the difference so irritated management of beeswax sincere thank you however I feel... Taking chances hoping one would find out that both the clarification and the patient own. Alleged to significantly help in cushioning falls from sports play and cut it lanolin free lip balm contain beeswax carnauba... Of that reaction the same rash around her mouth that was easy glad it went away lotion you.