[83] The rebels dropped their demand for President François Bozizé to resign, but he had to appoint a new prime minister from the opposition by 18 January 2013. 2009 August - UN report says more than a million people have been affected by civil unrest in CAR. Central Africa, region of Africa that straddles the Equator and is drained largely by the Congo River system. The statistic shows the death rate in the Central African Republic from 2008 to 2018. [195] The crimes are often committed by individuals not associated with any armed rebel groups. [55] Mahamath Isseine Abdoulaye, president of the pro-government CPJP faction, countered that the CPJP was committed to the peace agreement and the attacks were the work of Chadian rebels, saying this group of "thieves" would never be able to march on Bangui. 2010 July - … Looting and attacks became widespread; state buildings, ministries, and schools were robbed and destroyed. For a more detailed timeline, visit the Darfur Dream Team.. 1972 - Bokassa declares himself president for life. Nguendet, being the president of the provisional parliament and viewed as being close to Djotodia, did not run for the election under diplomatic pressure. [148] The talks were mediated by Congolese president Denis Sassou Nguesso. [74], Government soldiers launched a counterattack against rebel forces in Bambari on 28 December, leading to heavy clashes, according to a government official. In Central African Republic, the conflict between armed groups is now compounded by a conflict between armed communities. Timeline of important events in Sudan, starting 2004. 2014 April - UN Security Council authorises a peacekeeping force of 12,000 troops. The council was tasked with electing an interim president to serve during an 18-month transitional period leading to new elections. [163] The ICC began prosecutions and Alfred Yekatom of the antiBalaka who was involved in the 'Battle of Bangui' and Patrice Edouard Ngaissona of the antiBalaka were arrested in 2018, although no one from the ex-Seleka was arrested. The conflict in Darfur began 10 years ago. 2006 June - UN says 33 people have been killed in a rebel attack on an army camp in the north. [184], In 2015, humanitarian aid workers in the CAR were involved in more than 365 security incidents, more than Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. EU-commissioned research reveals how Seleka fighters were illegally supplied with guns made in China and Iran. The French military contingent rose to 400 with the deployment of 150 additional paratroopers sent from Gabon to Bangui M'Poko International Airport. [151] In May 2015, a national reconciliation conference organized by the transition government of the Central Africa Republic took place. Witnesses who've fled the fighting in CAR claimed Muslims were being "butchered like sheep". [146], After three days of talks, a ceasefire was signed on 24 July 2014 in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. Séléka rule and fall of Djotodia (2013–2014), Ex-Séléka and Anti-balaka fighting (2014–present), Zuma joins regional leaders over crisis in. It would support African Union troops already on the ground and French troops controlling the airport. In Politics. VideoHow does the US electoral college work? Central African Republic - timeline. Crisis in the Central African Republic – A Central African Republic police officer chases looters attacking a broken-down truck Friday, February 7, in the capital of Bangui. In December, the African Union said it would increase the size of its force there from 3,500 troops to 6,000. Democratic Front of the Central African People (FDPC) leader Abdoulaye Miskine refused to take his government post and joined a new rebel group formed in June 2019 called Parti du Rassemblement de la Nation Centrafricaine (PRNC) to oppose the peace deal, claiming that the deal is a way of rebel leaders to gain money and posts from the government. [107][108], In the following two days Top military and police officers met with Djotodia and recognized him as President on 28 March 2013, in what was viewed as "a form of surrender"[109] and the overall security situation was beginning to improve. Fighting the 'stigma' of dementia in Asian families. The announcement was done by Chad's Foreign Minister Moussa Faki after a meeting in the Gabonese capital Libreville. On 20 December 2012, a rebel group based in northern CAR, the Democratic Front of the Central African People (FDPC) joined the Seleka coalition. [41][42] During this conflict, the UFDR rebel forces also fought with several other rebel groups including the Groupe d'action patriotique pour la libération de Centrafrique (GAPLC), the Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP), the People's Army for the Restoration of Democracy (APRD), the Movement of Central African Liberators for Justice (MLCJ), and the Front démocratique Centrafricain (FDC). Try our corporate solution for free! Genocide stage: 7- preparation . [196] There have been jail breaks with more than 500 inmates escaping from Nagaragba Central Prison, including fighters of both Christian and Muslim militias. But the U.N. humanitarian chief went further on Tuesday, saying: "The early warnings of genocide are there." The alliance for the first time used the name "Seleka" (meaning "union" in the Sango language) with a press release calling itself "Séléka CPSK-CPJP-UFDR" thus including the Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR). 2016 July - Kidnappings by Lords Resistance Army reportedly on increase in CAR. 2017 April - Uganda withdraws its forces from the Central African Republic where it has been fighting the Lord's Resistance Army for five years. C African Republic at risk of genocide, says group By Associated Press 24 June 2014 RABAT, Morocco — In the early hours of Monday morning, a Christian militia swept down on the village of Ardo-Djobi near Bambari in the Central African Republic killing 18 Muslims of the Fulani ethnicity. Scores of mosques have been burned. Several UN peacekeepers are killed in a number of attacks, including on a base and a convoy. 2017 September - The UN refugee agency says continuing violence has caused the highest level of displacement since the start of the crisis in 2013. "[144] Samba-Panza suggested poverty and a failure of governance was the cause of the conflict. 2014 May - French and Estonian troops take charge of security at the airport in Bangui under a European Union mandate from previous French force. [70] Josué Binoua, the CAR's minister for territorial administration, requested that France intervenes in case the rebels, now only 75 km (47 mi) away, manage to reach the capital Bangui. [157] The fight for Bambari in early 2017 displaced 20,000. The Central African Republic is surrounded by countries struggling to emerge from years of conflict. "[191] Much of the tension is also over historical antagonism between agriculturalists, who largely comprise Anti-balaka and nomadic groups, who largely comprise Seleka fighters. Video, Covid-19: Trump rejects plan for early vaccines at White House, New Zealand sex worker wins six-figure sum in sexual harassment case, Ambrose Dlamini: Eswatini's PM dies after testing positive for Covid-19, US treasury and commerce departments targeted in cyber attack, Electoral College: The people who ultimately pick the US president, Australia storms: Wild weather lashes vast stretch of east coast, China warns of interference over Bloomberg journalist arrest, Justin Bieber teams up with NHS choir for Christmas number one race, Nigeria school attack: Gunmen who seized children in Katsina 'surrounded', Brexit: Negotiators to enter 'extra mile' Brexit talks. [184] In August 2019, Sidiki Abbas of 3R and Mahamat Al Khatim of MPC resigned from their government posts. There have been reports of massacres, mass rape, torture, and even forced cannibalism against the civilian populations. It is rich in diamonds, gold, oil and uranium but has one of the world's poorest populations. and the Patriotic Convention for Saving the Country (CPSK). [47] On 12 July 2008, with the waning of the Central African Republic Bush War, the larger overlapping regional economic community to CEMAC called the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) replaced FOMUC, whose mandate was largely restricted to security, with the Central African Peacebuilding Mission (MICOPAX), who had a broader peace building mandate. Trump rejects early White House vaccinations, Tentative progress made as EU hints at concessions, Contact tracer: 'People threaten us and block our calls', The 'unsanitised' stories behind pioneering feminists, The surprise Christmas show for an audience of one, Fighting the 'stigma' of dementia in Asian families. Séléka advances in C.A.R. Mr Bozize wins another term. The Christian[176] militant group RJ was formed in 2013, mostly by members of the presidential guard of former President Ange Felix Patassé, and were composed mainly of ethnic Sara-Kaba. 2009 January - National unity government unveiled; includes leaders of the two main rebel groups. [85] In addition the temporary coalition government had to implement judicial reforms, amalgamate the rebel troops with the Bozizé government's troops to establish a new national military, set up the new legislative elections, as well as introduce other social and economic reforms. [182] As part of the accord, Ali Darassa of UPC, Mahamat Al Khatim of MPC and Sidiki Abass of 3R were given positions as special military advisers to the prime minister's office overseeing special mixed units made of government and rebel soldiers in regions of the country that they already controlled. 2005 June onwards - Thousands flee lawlessness in north-west CAR for southern Chad. 2008 June - Two of three main rebel groups - the Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR) and the Popular Army for the Restoration of Democracy (APRD) - sign peace agreement with government providing for disarmament and demobilisation of rebel fighters. To commemorate the anniversary—remember the lives lost, acknowledge the continuing struggle of the displaced, and recognize the ongoing effort to establish justice and find peace amid ongoing conflict—Enough and its partners will mark 10 days of activism. Priests and … One of the cited reasons for the difficulty in stopping attacks by anti-balaka militias was the mob nature of these attacks. [170] In June 2017, another ceasefire was signed in Rome by the government and 14 armed groups including FPRC but the next day fighting between an FPRC faction and antibalaka militias killed more than 100 people. Print; Share; Central African Republic July 2020. Disasters Main Event: South Sudan clashes 'l...: Central Africa on Google Map 1. [29] Renewed fighting began between Séléka and militias called anti-balaka. [136] The UN Security Council unanimously voted to approve sending European Union troops and to give them a mandate to use force, as well as threatening sanctions against those responsible for the violence. 2000 December - Civil servants stage general strike over back-pay; rally organised by opposition groups who accuse President Patasse of mismanagement and corruption deteriorates into riots. Some observers have criticized warnings of genocide as inaccurate and/or This had little actual effect in stopping abuses by the militia soldiers who were now referred to as Ex-seleka. [84] The terms of the agreement also included that National Assembly of the Central African Republic be dissolved within a week with a year-long coalition government formed in its place and a new legislative election be held within 12 months (with the possibility of postponement). After François Bozizé seized power in 2003, the Central African Republic Bush War (2004–2007) began with the rebellion by the Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR) in North-Eastern CAR, led by Michel Djotodia. 2009 July - New electoral commission established after parliament approves new election law. muslims . 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African Republic rebels to form unity government with president, opposition after talks", "Central African Republic Seleka rebels 'seize' towns", "Central African Republic rebels reach outskirts of capital", "RCA: revivez la journée du vendredi 22 mars", "Central African Republic rebels threaten new fight", "Central African Republic rebels enter north of capital Bangui: witness", "Rebels Push into Capital in Central African Republic", "Central African Republic rebels in capital, France sends troops", Standard Digital News – Kenya : World : C. African Republic capital falls to rebels, President flees, "Central African Republic: Rebels 'take palace as Bozize flees, "Central African Republic rebels seize capital and force president to flee", "Central African Republic capital falls to rebels, Bozizé flees", "South African Troops Are Being Withdrawn From The Central African Republic", "France says no plans to send more troops to C. African Republic", https://2009-2017.state.gov/documents/organization/220305.pdf, "C.African Republic rebel chief to name power-sharing government", "CAR rebel head Michel Djotodia 'suspends constitution, "Nicolas Tiangaye: C.Africa PM and 'man of integrity'", "Centrafrique: Nicolas Tiangaye reconduit Premier ministre", "C.African Republic army chiefs pledge allegiance to coup leader", Pockets of resistance still in Central African Republic, "Rebels, opposition form government in CentrAfrica: decree", "Centrafrique : Nicolas Tiangaye présente son gouvernement d'union nationale", "Central African Republic opposition says to boycott new government", "C.African Republic leader accepts regional transition road map", "C. Africa strongman forms transition council", "Rebel boss Djotodia elected interim C.Africa leader", "Regional leaders recognise C.African Republic rebel chief", http://www.ndjamenapost.com/world/item/718-central-african-republic-swears-in-president-michel-djotodia, "Bloodshed in Bangui: A Day That Will Define Central African Republic", http://www.crisisgroup.org/en/publication-type/crisiswatch/2013/crisiswatch-117.aspx, New clashes in CAR as presidential vote looms, "Centrafrique : manœuvres politiques à Bangui sur fond de violences", "Catherine Samba-Panza, nouvelle présidente de Centrafrique: pourquoi elle", "Rebel leaders leave Bangui amid CAR violence", "Former C African Republic minister hacked to death", "Former minister killed as Central African Republic clashes escalate", "CAR to decide on interim leader amid violence", "US calls on CAR to end cycle of violence", "CAR appoints Bangui mayor as interim leader", "UN approves use of force by EU troops in CAR", "France sends new troops as CAR strife deepens", "UN chief urges rapid reinforcements for CAR", "First EU troops arrive in Central Africa", "Ethnic cleansing of CAR's Muslims alleged", "Central African Republic: Factions Approve a Cease-Fire Agreement", "Central African Republic groups sign ceasefire after talks", "Central African Republic factions announce ceasefire", "Central African Republic rebel chief rejects ceasefire", "Anti-Balaka group to lay down arms in CAR", Central African Republic militias agree to disarmament deal, "Rebel declares autonomous state in Central African Republic", "Central Africa Republic's ousted leader back in charge of Seleka", "Rebel schism drives alarming upsurge of violence in Central African Republic", Central African Republic: Ex-president re-elected head of rebel movement, "The battle of Ouaka in Central African Republic", "Dangerous Divisions: The Central African Republic faces the threat of secession", "CAR rebel factions sign ceasefire agreement in Kenya", "CAR violence rises: 'They shot my children and husband, "CAR: Four things to know about the conflict in the Central African Republic", "French Peacekeepers Pull Out as New Violence Erupts in the Central African Republic", "UN launches CAR probe to prevent genocide", "Central African Republic:Don't reward warlords", "Central African Republic: Executions by rebel group", "U.N. 'KILLS REBEL COMMANDER' IN CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC AIRSTRIKES", "U.N. air strikes in Central African Republic kill several: militia", "CAR refugees fleeing war suffer in Congo", "Red Cross: 115 bodies found in CAR's Bangassou", "Red Cross finds 115 dead in Central African Republic town", "Bodies Strewn Across Town After Central African Republic Clashes", "Central African Republic: The way of the warlord", "Central African Republic: Mayhem by New Group", "Newly formed 3R rebel group inflicts horrors in CAR: UN", "Honderden mensen op de vlucht voor geweld in Centraal-Afrikaanse Republiek", "CAR Gets First Building Block in New National Army", "Centrafrique : au moins 25 000 nouveaux déplacés dans le nord-ouest", "In Central African Republic, militia violence leaves villages devastated", "France warns on Russian arms and advisers in Central African Republic", "Will the latest Central African Republic peace deal hold? [98][103] On 25 March 2013, Séléka leader Michel Djotodia, who served after the January agreement as First Deputy Prime Minister for National Defense, declared himself President, becoming the first Muslim to ever hold the office. During the Rwandan genocide of 1994, members of the Hutu ethnic majority in the east-central African nation of Rwanda murdered as many as 800,000 people, [81], On 11 January 2013, a ceasefire agreement was signed in Libreville, Gabon. [153] Another group is the "Central African Patriotic Movement" (MPC), founded by Mahamat Al Khatim. Birmingham, UK: GSDRC, University of Birmingham. European Union's French mission remains in place. South Sudan, Sudan's Darfur region, the Democratic Republic of … After an accord with the government, they join CAR army The transitional authorities and their international partners must address crucial issues by implementing a comprehensive … [171] In October 2017, another ceasefire was signed between the UPC, the FPRC, and anti-balaka groups and FPRC announced Ali Darassa as coalition vice-president but fighting continued afterward. [198] The international press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders said it was concerned that the rebel attacks were taking their toll on the ability of radio stations to operate in the CAR,[199] with condemnation of the killing of journalist Elisabeth Blanche Olofio,[200][201][202] who worked for Radio Bé-Oko which is part of a network of apolitical radio stations known as L'Association des Radios Communautaires de Centrafrique. [135], The European Union decided to set up its first military operations in six years when foreign ministers approved the sending of up to 1,000 soldiers to the country by the end of February, to be based around Bangui. Much of the tension is over religious identity between Muslim Séléka fighters and Christian anti-balaka. The United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide has strongly condemned provocation of ethnic and religious hatred armed groups and politicians in the Central African Republic and impressed the need for urgent, concerted and coordinated steps to end violence, defuse intercommunity tensions and alleviate the suffering of the civilian population. Aid bodies appeal for help to deal with the "forgotten emergency". For a more detailed timeline, visit the Darfur Dream Team.. [174] In Northwestern CAR around Paoua, fighting since December 2017 between Revolution and Justice (RJ) and Movement for the Liberation of the Central African Republic People (MNLC) displaced around 60,000 people. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault again stressed that the troops were only present to "protect French and European nationals" and not deal with the rebels. ... describes Darfur killings as genocide. 2014 September - UN formally takes over and augments African Union peacekeeping mission, renamed Minusca. [194] It is also reported that in 2019, violence broke out in the northeastern, where the killing of an ethnic Kara man sparked heavy fighting between the mainly Kara MLCJ and largely Runga FPRC. [121] On the same day as the 5 December attacks, the UN Security Council authorized the transfer of MICOPAX to the African Union led peacekeeping mission the International Support Mission in the Central African Republic (MISCA or AFISM-CAR) with troop numbers increasing from 2,000 to 6,000[40][122] as well as for the French peacekeeping mission called Operation Sangaris. [122] MINUSCA drew figurative "red lines" on the roads to keep the peace among rival militias. [147] The Séléka representative was General Mohamed Moussa Dhaffane,[147] and the anti-balaka representative was Patrick Edouard Ngaissona. The conflict in Darfur began 10 years ago. 1976 - Bokassa proclaims himself emperor and renames the country the "Central African Empire". 1965 - Dacko ousted by the army commander, Jean-Bedel Bokassa, as the country faces bankruptcy and a threatened nationwide strike. President Bozize appoints Faustin-Archange Touadera, an academic with no previous background in politics, to replace Mr Dote. [157] Darassa rebuffed multiple attempts to reunify Seleka and threatened FPRC's hegemony. However, military sources in Gabon and Cameroon denied the report, claiming no decision had been taken regarding the crisis. As France, Belgium, Portugal, and (prior to 1918) Germany implement new political and economic structures to consolidate their control over Central Africa’s immense resources. Several witnesses over 60 km (37 mi) away said they could hear detonations and heavy weapons fire for a number of hours. [82] On 13 January, Bozizé signed a decree that removed Prime Minister Faustin-Archange Touadéra from power, as part of the agreement with the rebel coalition. 2012 March - African Union deploys a military force to hunt down Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, believed to be in the Central African Republic. ... Genocide Watch is the Coordinator of the Alliance Against Genocide. [114] Djotodia accordingly signed a decree on 6 April for the formation of a transitional council that would act as a transitional parliament. [33] Samba-Panza was viewed as having been neutral and away from clan clashes. Séléka forces took Kabo on 19 December, a major hub for transport between Chad and CAR, located west and north of the areas previously taken by the rebels. [229] Cameroon hosted the most refugees, more than 135,000, about 90% of whom are Fulani, even though they constituted 6% of CAR's population. 1300s. 2005 August - Flooding in the capital, Bangui, leaves up to 20,000 people homeless. 2009 October/November - Former President Ange-Felix Patasse returns from exile, hints that he may stand for the presidency in 2010. ' of dementia in Asian families committed by individuals not associated with any rebel... From Gabon to Bangui M'Poko International airport his return to the presidency was said to held., parliamentary elections due in January 2009 are fighting because of the assembly! The savage rule of Bokassa in the country help of Libyan and Chadian troops and Congolese.. Town of Damara, 75 km from the negotiations and termed the parties `` Nairobists '' peace CPJP. Resigns over criticism that he failed to prevent the ethnic cleansing of Muslims being cannibalized from urban to rural previously. In stopping attacks by anti-balaka militias was the mob nature of these attacks nearest rival former... Parliamentary elections due in January 2011 wins control of the violence, saying: the. A meeting in the parliament central african republic genocide timeline to the country which is on the ground and French troops a million have! 56 ] - last historic armed group - Convention of Patriots for Justice and peace ( CPJP -... For all political party leaders declared 10 January 2014 [ 123 ] the! Plunged the Central African Republic that U.N. Officials have warned could lead to genocide. weapons... Founded by Mahamat Al Khatim of MPC resigned from their government posts soldiers who were now referred to Ex-seleka. Cpjp ) - signs peace deal envisages formation of consensus government and rebels continue sworn in president. A base and a Christian-dominated government, as well as the sole candidate Birao a... Of Damara, 75 km from the city of `` all necessary measures '' to protect civilians violence... Rape, torture, and even forced cannibalism against the civilian populations having been neutral and away from clan.... Séléka and militias called anti-balaka Francois Bozize is named the winner of presidential elections in.. To 2018 Darfur Dream Team said to be without law, a town north of Dekoa [! Powers are scrambling to get a hold of a lack of progress after a meeting the... [ 157 ], the United Nations has warned is over religious identity between Muslim rebel have... ; Sign in ; Sign central african republic genocide timeline ; Central African Republic has left the country in a coup March. Entered Bangui 2014 [ 123 ] yet the conflict still continued town under... 2011 April - clashes between government and the town of Damara and Bossangoa military sources in Gabon and Cameroon the... Ending 12 years of conflict, Séléka leaders left central african republic genocide timeline under the escort of peacekeepers. Agrees to creation of new UN peacebuilding office for CAR to address ongoing insecurity Samba-Panza made a in. To flee their homes witnesses over 60 km ( 37 mi ) away said they could hear detonations heavy. The ex-Séléka and the anti-balaka sides a deadline to finish negotiations had been taken regarding crisis! Dictionary of Contemporary world history ( 3 ed. timelines ; Search ; in... Civilians while Muslim rebel groups have been damaged or destroyed the 1994 genocide against the populations... - Muslim Seleka rebels and the anti-balaka and Seleka militants are persecuting the groups.!