"So Long, David. A Mystery Bookstore Closes Its Doors", Jon Katz

Jon Katz, The writer, and blogger (Bedlam Farm Journal) wrote this today in his blog – So Long, David. A Mystery Bookstore Closes Its DoorsPhoto of Ray Jessel

Do you know the lyrics to the late Ray Jessel's "Whatever Happened To Melody?" – Google the lyrics(That's Ray on the right)

Whereas Ray ponders the past in song, Jon Katz, in his article, writes another perspective: It's about the nice nuances of the physical world being slowly ground down. Here it is the bookstore – the place to escape for an hour or more.

To paraphrase Ray Jessel’s lyrics:

… Whatever happened to Mystery? 
… Sweet, old-fashioned Mystery. 
… Whodunits and whydoits and romance and rhyme, 
… Tomes about two guns, in detective time, … 

Well, I hope you get the idea. My wife, Karen Giorgio, and her friend Vinny sing it with such emotion (with Ray once in the audience). One couldn't leave the theatre without pondering what's in the future. 

We can, sort of, escape from reality via the cyber world. But it’s a lonely journey … even with a cyber audience to chat with.

Imagine reviewing a novel, while sifting coffee in a small, cozy bookshop, lost in your own world. It sounds like a lonely escape. But you were with others “sharing” similar experiences. You physically browsed the shelves. Possibly chat with the owner. In some stores, there would even be a couple or two dueling at a chessboard. The experience was always different yet the same.

Yes, you can do this today in cyberspace. You can probably travel in your mind to mythical destinations. But, in the end, you close your virtual connection … and step up to reality.

David of Mystery Books of Brattleboro, Vt.