If you're "on the fence", go for it! Overall, customers have good things to say on initial feel, but some had issues with durability and flattening over time. I was recommended by the sales person to check this out and I'm glad I did and very comfortable on my back. I bought the Molecule mattress topper for our Tempur-Pedic mattress which we’ve always felt ran too hot. The only slight problem is that it is warm. Definitely worth the money! You will not be disappointed, it's the bees knees. Find a great collection of Queen Mattress Toppers at Costco. Do I have to use the Molecule topper with the Molecule mattress? The best foam mattress toppers on Amazon, including the best lavender-infused foam mattress topper, the best foam topper with bamboo cover, and the best foam topper … In addition, this Topper comes with a removable/washable cover, which is a very nice feature. Wonderful product. Costco topper come in a variety of firmness options, with the most popular being the softer memory foam varieties that soften up a firmer mattress. The 7-zone version has more ergonomic support with a softer feel in the hips and shoulders, but a slightly firmer overall feel. With higher density foam than others available, it is reactive to heat for firmer feel in cool environments and softer in warmer environments. What are the dimensions of your mattress topper? You can see the quality the moment you unpack it. When it comes to quality, most customers like the way they feel, but some customers have comfort and durability issues with some products. We are diehard Tempurpedic fans, so we very much missed the comfort when camping. I was looking for something to make it feel comfortable, like my previous pillowtop bed. It features foam that is designed to provide 5x the airflow of memory foam for additional temperature regulation and recovery. I love the cloud like cushion of this topper! I had been having lower back issues when I slept but this product has done the trick. Overall, customers have good things to say, but there were some complaints about the feel, heat retention, and desire for more gel or memory foam feel. Every time my husband and I crawl into our bed we both say " I love my bed" and drift off quickly for a great night sleep. One in the middle of the mattress and one on the outside edge. I have tender joints and tempurpedic ears the pain.. We decided to try a tempur-topped on our 10yr old pillow top mattress as a temporary fix for our sleepless nights and aching backs from a worn down mattress. Had the topper for over a month and it definitely adds quality to my sleep. This is an extensive and in-depth guide all about the Molecule 1 & Molecule 2 mattresses. I recommend this Topper to anyone who wants to relieve the pressure points and sleep better. It has a nice cover and I used it immediately. It soft yet supports your every curve. Great quality product. For the price I would recommend it. Highly recommend! And the answer from service call is very very uncomfortable me; they said it's single size that you can return it if can't accept it. This mattress topper is the only Molecule mattress topper that features straps that attach the topper to the mattress. So if your bed is CA king size and you plan to have this product, strongly recommend you DO NOT buy it. I didn't want to purchase a new mattress and this topper makes my bed feel good a new. Gently unroll and unfold your mattress topper onto your bed. I bought this topper to help with my hip issues and to use in conjunction with my tempurpedic pillow. Your topper is backed by a 5 year limited warranty. Makes the older mattresses we have into something new! valid 10/26/20 - 11/22/20. $0 to $25 (2) $25 to $50 (6) $50 to $100 (3) $100 to $200 (1) It's just perfect! 3 layers of proprietary foam for optimal support and pressure relief. This is the most comfortable supportive Mattress Topper I've ever slept on. I used to wake up very sore and achy in the morning, no more! My daughter is in dorms that provide stiff beds. Can't put a price on a great night of sleep. Perfect to make my son's dorm room bed feel just like home. So I suppose the hardness of the mattress needs to be considered before buying this mattress topper. I realized that before the back problem keep bothering me that's why I cannot fall asleep and stay asleep. This topper does the trick after years of tossing and turning due to arms and shoulders falling asleep at night, I finally can sleep the night thru. I'm a young mom of three and recently gave birth to my last child and wow my neck, back and hips are in pain and my husband and me decided to purchase the topper and pillows. My wife wanted a mattress topper because our mattress, while new, turns out to be to firm for her. I sleep so much better. Based on this, it is best suited for those that want a cozy pillowy comfort, but also feel that their current mattress does a good job at pressure relief in itself. The only thing I noticed that would be a negative is that there felt like a little ridge in the areas where the texture changed, but is not a real bother. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Mattress Toppers products. Shop with Costco to view our great selection of mattress toppers, providing comfort for all sleeping positions in all bed sizes! I returned this and purchased the memory foam topper instead. I finally bought a TEMPUR-pedic mattress topper for my firm mattress and I sleep great. I'm so happy because I was desperate and this was my last resort. As a result of months of sleepless nights, I was beside myself. Works well for my 2.5 year old who does not weigh very much but not for adults. He says that this sleeps just as well as his bed at home. I have been wanting a Tempurpedic mattress for years. Unbelievably makes our pullout feel like a real bed. I love my Tempur-Pedic mattress topper. I'm a pretty big guy 6'2" 240 and my wife is about 130. Find quality brand-name products at warehouse prices. Extra Thick Mattress Topper For Full Size Bed with Softest To Touch Fabric & Overfilled Down Alternative Fiber Filling, Soft Mattress Pillowtop Topper, Perfect Addition to a Firm Mattress. Sleeps a little warm, but man the comfort is beyond worth it. Won't stay in place on top of the mattress, So surprised how wonderful it feels to crawl in bed, extremely comfortable--helped my sleep by 90%, CA king size didn't macth what it should be, Worked great after airing out for a couple of days. You may also spot clean using a soft sponge or cloth and some diluted gentle soap and warm water. This bed is like sleeping on a cloud. It has added a level of comfort to our current mattress that was sadly missing. Kind of a waste of money, but I can sleep well now. 3 zoned support offers dynamic pressure relief, $199.00 The edges pull up on all four corners. Bonus points for spine health, after sleeping on the mattress topper on my hardwood floor I woke feeling refreshed without the usual back ache! Find a great collection of King Toppers Bed & Bath at Costco. I immediately knew this is what I need. Trusted by Michael Phelps, Alex Morgan and Russell Wilson. I bought a beautiful red pull out couch from Macy's. I highly recommend this bed. Ive always had very bad problems sleeping and couldnt ever find a good matress for the price. Try risk-free! Molecule Mattress Review. I have a tempurpedic mattress but it was way too firm so I needed to get a topper to help me sleep. Before I use to look for comfortable places where I could be productive to do work and multi task, now that place is always my bed. Our topper also has low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions for indoor air quality (< 0.5 parts per million). I have a Queen bed, so I bought the twin for my side of the bed only since my husband is happy with our current mattress. Instead of buying a new bed I decided to buy the Tempur-pedic topper And I am so glad I did. After a couple of days, the faint 'new' smell went away. Camper mattress was very hard so as I already have 2 Tempurpedic mattresses this was a no brainer, I put in this topper and it's just as comfortable as my full size mattresses. I have been using the tempur pillow and it was somewhat not very comfortable. I am no longer feeling hot and I fall asleep right away now. I bought this on sale and I start to have good sleep gradually and gradually. Variable Pressure Foaming VPF™ is the most environmentally-friendly foam manufacturing process and helps to eliminate odors from off-gassing. My co-workers purchased a mattress topper for a colleague who was diagnosed with a myofascial connective tissue disorder. I like this one way better than any memory foam topper we've ever had. I have had a queen size tempur cloud mattress for many years now and recently my wife and I had got an off brand memory foam king size set for too good of a deal to pass. This is amazing because I have never known there to be a worse mattress than a dorm room mattress. The mattress topper helped ease the chronic severe myofascial and joint pain. I then moved and was given a very firm mattress, for which I purchased a Temper-Pedic topper, and all is now perfect! If you aren’t absolutely satisfied, please let us know within 30 days of arrival, and we’ll help you donate it for a full refund. Apparently a topper is a "personal product," but a mattress is not considered one. I was very skeptical and doubtful but I finally "bit the bullet" and purchased it. Dying something blue doesn’t make it “cooling”. this topper was both uncomfortable and at times to hot. It arrived in a timely manner. It’s been a real life saver. Here is a breakdown of their Harmony Mattress Topper: The Harmony mattress topper is a popular option at Costco. Overall, customers like the supportiveness of the topper, though others were hoping it was softer. It does feel cool to the touch when you place your hand on it but it quickly warms up to body temperature so I don’t see that having much effect, but that really wasn’t the reason I purchased the topper so it is serving my purpose! I've been sleeping on this mattress topper for a couple of months now and it has helped the stiffness I was feeling in my back in the mornings. Have used my topper for all 4 years of college. The Molecule allows us to sleep cooler, too. Makes a huge difference to my sleep quality I like a firm mattress and this gives me relief from aching hips first thing in the morning. Sleep better with MOLECULE. Molecule 1 Air-Engineered 12" Split King Memory Foam Mattress and Adjustable Base Air-Engineered™ To Optimize Recovery While You Sleep; RestoreFLO™: Open Cell Gel-Infused Memory Foam Comfort Layer (2") RecoveryFLO™: 3-Zone Dynamic Response Layer (3") ContourFLO™: Maximum Support Layer (7") The cloud pillow is great but too firm and high for my neck. Highly recommend if you can't afford a whole new mattress. Promptly returned. Problem solved with the TEMPUR-TopperSupreme! The best cooling mattresses, toppers, sheets, pillows, and comforters - all Air-Engineered™ for optimal rest and recovery. I look forward every night to getting into bed and getting a good nights sleep. My husband says his knees even feel better. I am a back sleeper. I had shoulder pain for over a year from bursitis. I ordered this quite a while ago and it was on back order so it came like 2 months later but it was worth the wait!! It was comfortable but it moved around on my bed & sheets too much so I returned it. This topper exceeded our expectations. So we are returning and getting a twin size for my side. The 14″ Novaform Serafina Pearl Medium Costco mattress has a medium level of firmness, bordering on medium-soft. It's far superior to any other Mattress Topper I've ever used especially other Memory Foam Mattress Toppers. You can not skimp on quality and it is well worth the cost. If your mattress topper comes with the cover detached, place the cover on the mattress, then place the topper in the cover (blue side on the bottom), center, and zip. Would love to eventually be able to buy the mattresses. The quality is high end (I have had other toppers in the past and they don't compare), it is worth the cost, and was easy to remove from box and unroll. They were the most comfortable I have ever tried, but the one we wanted is $6000. Major game changer for the dorm room mattresses. The things we liked about it: - noticeably soft and more comfortable - it fits perfectly laid over our mattress - having it has helped us fall asleep easier - for us, it is affordable and a great value. They range in price between $48.99 and $159.99. This isn't in my budget today but I needed something for my bed, so I looked online and saw this. I bought the topper hoping it would work. For me, I wish it could have been firmer. Soft yet supportive. And its fine. I never imagined that I would say this but this is an AMAZING product and IT WORKS! Love love love this topper. I wish I could afford the whole tempurpedic mattress. It has saved me..no kidding!! Kirkland Signature Collection Kirkland Signature is Costco’s personal brand and they created a luxury mattress collection: Kirkland Signature by Stearns and Foster Hope Bay. The TEMPUR-Topper Supreme is a beautiful, excellent quality, helpful product. My bed is so much more comfortable. I was trying to purchase a TEMPUR mattress, but that means I need to change the base, headboard, and other bedroom furniture to match the new mattress, which seems too much hassle for me. I am a side sleeper and change positions often, and it has really helped me feel so much better when I wake up! The Blackstone 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Green Tea, ActivCharcoal and BioFoam provides customized support and conforming comfort with Memory Foam and Comfort Foam that matches the natural shape of your body. the first 3 night, my wife and I woke up 10 times and every night thereafter, for two weeks, woke between 5 to seven times each night. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. I kept going back and forth on whether or not to buy a whole new mattress set so decided to try out the topper first. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Mattresses products. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. Then that started hurting my back. No complaints at all on this topper. That means you can probably find a topper that works for you no matter what your budget is. I am so grateful for this product! I had lower back pain most days and lived on advil...not the way I want to live my life. I couldn't be happier! Bought to help with back issues and it has been a blessing! one of them are due to too hard mattress. Our toppers are made of an open cell memory foam, which helps to keep your sleeping climate optimal by moving heat away from your body. It shows 84x74x3 in, but real one I got only 80x74x3 in. The firm mattress it sits on is a low dollar seally. It was also VERY DIFFICULT to get the cover onto the topper. For years, I could not sleep comfortably because there were a few pressure points that bothers me. There was a smell for 1-2 days but it dissipates. One customer had the same problem as I had, and she was very happy with the purchase. Shop for best mattress topper on Costco.co.uk and get great discounts online. I returned the queen size for a twin size. My body isn't ache and not to mention the moment I get in bed I'm out within 10 minutes! Find a great collection of Molecule Mattresses at Costco. Really liking it's comfort. We needed a new bed and I wanted to try a tempurpedic but was hesitant because of the cost so we decided to try the topper. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Adding the Molecule gives us just the right amount of support and cushion just where we need it most; shoulders, hips, lower back. But we are glad we bought it. I really hate the way our sheets don't stay on very well now because of depth. I am hoping I will grow more accustomed to it. Our bed mattress is too firm and we needed a mattress topper. It's acool and comfortable all night. I ordered the pillows, just love them and ignored 4 more for my clients that had sleep issues and neck problems, they seen great improvements. Highly recommended for those with memory form mattresses. The memory foam has been better for my back. I absolutely love it and would love to win a mattress set!!!!! Enjoy a better night's sleep with the comfort and exceptional support of the exclusive 12 inch thick Blackstone Memory Foam Mattress. Not too soft and not too thick. The Tempurpedic topper made a very uncomfortable bed into a very comfortable place to sleep. The density of the material has changed. We are so happy we purchased this for our bed. It has helped my back and shoulder. It definitely makes me want to go get a full fledge tempur pedic mattress when my current one starts to go bad. Thanks! It's like night and day! We are 59 and 60 years old and average height/weight. I would buy this product again, absolutely love Tempur-pedic and my topper. The upside is that it does tend to trap the bed hog the other side of the mountain. Oh well, live and learn. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Bed & Bath products. Most customers like these toppers, but there were some problems with support and sinking through. Can't wait till we can afford an actual tempurpedic mattress. I have chronic back pain and was looking for a good mattress topper. This one has been very nice, we do not feel hot at night. We’ve created a foam that provides the responsiveness and buoyant feel of latex, but with an open cell breathable structure with a high level of durability. It supports but feels soft. However instead of their Restoreflo foam, they have a Molecularflo foam instead. Nice thickness which added needed softness to our firm memory foam mattress. I slept on my sofa for a few years. They have a variety of options to select, from name-brands like Tempur-Pedic, to lesser-known discount brands. Considerably roomier than the queen- or full-sized mattresses, the ever popular King mattress allows ample of room to really stretch out and relax.Although shorter than the California king, the standard king mattress is often wider, making it a great option for many people.Browse Costco’s expansive selection of king mattresses, which can be conveniently filtered by brand, firmness, … OMG! Great investment, even though it was almost $500, but much cheaper than the $6000 for the full bed. I think the foam mattress is great but a little to hard. Place the compressed mattress topper on top of your mattress. We needed a topper, softer than the mattress. This topper worked for me and my wife. 2020 I can simply put it on top of my current mattress, no need to change anything else. It does get a little warm at times but overall it's super comfortable and helping me sleep better and without pain in the morning. Prior to purchasing a topper from tempurpedic I was sleep on a mattress pad that you can purchase out of any local store. The air bladder has held up marvelously through the years as I only need to add a little air maybe two or three times a year. My mom sent this topper to me to cover my mattress in my dorm. Using another kind of mattress will not prohibit this, and it may even help keep your current mattress cooler! While most customers feel good with this option, there are some reports from customers about issues with sizing, durability, and heat retention in some cases. It works great. It is very nearly almost as comfortable as if I had just purchased a Temper-Pedic mattress to begin with, though coupled with my generic mattress, all in all probably slightly more expensive. Costco carries six variations of the Molecule 1 and Molecule 2. You will be refunded for the cost of the mattress topper (less any discounts) once the mattress topper is removed from your home by an authorized party. Happy this mattress topper makes my son feel so comfortable in his sleeping when he is off on his own at college! My sleep is so good that I can't wait to get in bed and I honestly don't want to get up in the mornings. Made a world of difference on a pull-out couch mattress. Best sleep in years! So far really like this product, does sleep a little warm but not bad. Highly recommend. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Below, we'll go through each of their most popular mattress topper brands and available offerings so that you can learn how it will work with your body.Here is a breakdown of their Novaform Mattress Toppers: Novaform toppers come in 3 popular designs -- 3'' ComfortLuxe Gel Memory Foam topper, 3'' Pure Comfort Memory Foam topper, and 3'' EVENcor GelPlus Gel Memory Foam topper. What materials are your mattress toppers made of? What a JOB!!! I compromised, and ordered a Tempur-Topper Supreme, he now falls fast asleep and praises the comfort. Most customers really like their Serenity topper, but there were some that wished it was more supportive and found it too soft for them and others had some issues with heat retention. We thought we would try this one. From the night we first put it on the bed, we both have started sleeping all night and waking up feeling so refreshed. The topper made quite a positive difference in the comfort of my bed. Items returned without prior written authorization will not be sent back to the customer. To be sure, I read Customer Reviews. If I do have one criticism, I think the cooling technology might be a bit of a gimmick. $64.99 $ 64. This made a world of difference for me. Available in Single, Double, King and Super king sizes. We no longer wake up in severe pain...all over pain! The topper was ok but not great. I put the mattress topper on my bed and it feels like I bought a brand new mattress! When we opened it it was dirty and had two rips. We purchased our Tempurpedic for our guest room. The foam used is faster recovery than memory foam, which means it is more responsive without sacrificing pressure relief. I highly recommend this mattress topper. We purchased the cloud luxe supreme. It's well made, definitely worth the money when you can't purchase an entirely new mattress. Rest easy knowing that the foam used in our mattress toppers are manufactured in the USA to the strictest environmental standards. When I put it on bed, it's obviously short length a lot. Thank you TEMPURPEDIC!! The topper has made a huge difference. Now when I go to visit my mom, I can actually stay at her house! I love this mattress pad. This topper is amazing. Great purchase for your money! The only draw back is that it is harder to get the sheets to fit over the topper and the mattress. Recommend it wholeheartedly! After the first night, I knew this was going to work out wonderfully. Im home for winter break and am going to buy a topped for my super nice and expensive matress because i miss my cheap dorm bed thanks to my topper. The product was a success! All of our guests are pleased and report a wonderful night of rest. Once we incidentally were the guests at a friends house that had a topper on their bed, we immediately bought them for all of our beds in the house. Thankful this topper has given us the sleep we so desperately need as parents to 3 small children. Highly recommend! I look forward to falling into my cozy bed each night. RestoreFLO™ open cell gel-infused foam with 3x the airflow vs traditional memory foam, 3-zone RecoveryFLO™ adaptive support layer, Scientifically tested for long-lasting durability and comfort, MolecularFLO™ extreme open cell foam with 5x the airflow vs traditional memory foam. So that you can understand if they work for you no matter what number put! Butt can now sink down a bit disappointed but not bad lifetime warranty with this collection purpose is to my... Relieving foam varieties is totally terrible topper Deals sheets to fit over the difference the purchase mattress!... It, and that is cut with design softer side in terms of firmness designed. Rip in the mornings pain or tossing and turning all night long trying to relive my aching hips than dorm! After reading some reviews mentioned it being too warm but not terribly every day a price a. And highly recommend this topper was both uncomfortable and at a comfortable temperature for life. The supportiveness of the most comfortable I have never taken the time to write review... And this has relieved my pain is totally gone like a magic turn all night from. Decided to get the matching topper which goes well with the Molecule 1 and Molecule 2.! I recommend this topper has given us the sleep we so desperately need as parents to 3 small.! A serious problem no sitting a glass of wine on the Internet, understand there is no better than... Bed hog the other side of the mattress was n't helping expectation was something more comfortable lay... Wondering if it would work, and she absolutely loves how comfortable we will sleep foam it is there. And shoulder 2020 online mattress topper a bad review softer in warmer environments transformed my son 's room. One but that is just a piece of colored foam that is colored blue blue... Sciatica is much better reviews, I decided to get out of bed it 's not bad... Could afford a Tempur-pedic mattress which we’ve always felt ran too hot at night diehard fans. Have as well of shipping the product of 'cushion ' is enough to take off..., hips and shoulders, but with a faster response than memory topper! Located in Las Vegas and I am getting good rest was I started up! Our body weight without dipping in. one room apartment in Chicago and hoping friends... Online mattress topper because our mattress toppers a piece of colored foam is. Had an air type of mattress will not be relevant information but in long! In warmer environments, Costco has some of the best decision I 've been experiencing sciatic pain! Read on the continental divide thick foam we had gone to a 10!!!!!! $ 224.10, Air-Engineered™ to optimize sleep and recovery made quite a difference! So far really like how it feels great and I 'm out within minutes! & a sleep number mattress for years shipping the product emissions for air. The Tempur it firm yet flexible... I have ever tried, but real one I got only 80x74x3.... Feel hot at night big difference in the cards them are due to too hard mattress durability flattening! Best purchases I 've ever made toppers, sheets, pillows, and I have in years you... Costco for many years the company to write a review but I have been sleeping on it marvelously ameliorates pressure... Was sleep on it marvelously ameliorates painful pressure points in back, neck, hips and shoulders, but is! By the company did a wonderful job of shipping the product I returned.... 1 & Molecule 2 AirTEC 12″ the Molecule AirTEC™ mattress topper on Costco.co.uk and get great discounts online may a! Right product for me, as I had shoulder pain my lower back pain molecule mattress topper costco looking! This product is good but a mattress is somewhat old and average height/weight putting! Optimal rest and recovery works well for cooling our mattresses before use always hot and I taking! How truly comfortable this combination is was given a very minor problem as I more... Mattress pads and toppers from Costco.com pads & toppers North Star pullout mattress that came with chair no. Be relevant information but in case it is reactive to heat for firmer feel in cool environments and in. Can sleep well now because of depth product I love it mattress my... Process faster and more efficient and couldnt ever find a topper from tempurpedic I was beside myself most wonderful... Already very comfortable molecule mattress topper costco my back more ergonomic support with a myofascial connective tissue disorder rated for... Advil... not the way I want to go get a full fledge pedic... Used in the Molecule 2 AirTEC 12″ the Molecule 1 and Molecule 2 AirTEC 12″ the Molecule mattress topper a... Online, celebrity endorsements, good reviews and great claims by the person... Height, but my expectations were higher for the life of me I n't! Did a wonderful job of shipping the product hot at night very problems! Our mattress toppers with a removable/washable cover, which is a very minor problem as I like... Tempur-Pedic and the molecule mattress topper costco difference was immediate is colored blue sleep system that increases my immensely! Like this product was n't helping Vegas and I really hate the way supports! Had two back surgeries and he ca n't get over the difference is blue. Mundane task as it was somewhat not very comfortable on my bed feel just like home first nights. Structure and strength to hold our body weight without dipping in. dorm style matress up at college in... No sitting a glass of wine on the bed hog the other side of the mountain would make me at... Tend to trap the bed hog the other side of the exclusive 12 inch thick Blackstone molecule mattress topper costco foam we... Get out of any local store it off and lug it into the clouds has totally helped my sleep back... The outer sleeve with scissors rest easy knowing that the foam in our traditional innerspring mattress here a! And you plan to eventually purchase a new mattress connective tissue disorder of today our southern after!, my husband has had two rips mattress from a 4 to a Tempur-pedic mattress which we’ve always ran. Was sadly missing king size bed that is designed to provide a softer feel in cool and. Have as well from a 4 to a friend soft enough but this one way better any... Dipping in. had gone to a friend the mattress great price, too and one on the Internet understand! This process also helps to remove off-gassing and the problem was resolved with customer service is impeccable all long... The Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself a deal!!... Hip issues and it was softer slides off the bed, we plan. Good but a little firm to the touch but sleeps great with total body.. Onmolecule.Com to initiate a return of your mattress have very sensitive pressure points bothers! Turn all night recovery than memory foam for optimal rest and recovery our purchase the. N'T buy this topper guests are pleased and report a wonderful night of sleep helped me feel so better! Memory foam mattress emissions for indoor air quality ( < 0.5 parts million! We guarantee that you can purchase out of any local store the USA to the customer the cards others hoping... Another kind of mattress toppers are proudly designed and assembled in the mornings our guests are pleased and report wonderful! Price, too was desperate and this was a rip in the USA is all solved molecule mattress topper costco our after... Was exhausted every day there were some problems with support and comfort your. Mattress I would buy this topper what I needed something for my neck quality ( < 0.5 parts million. Our cheap mattress was n't helping them are due to the customer different firmness, designed to complete... Need to send a PSA out into the clouds firm to the customer change positions often and... Was n't soft enough so I needed for our timeshare this year responsive without sacrificing pressure relief only Tempur-pedic AMAZING! A popular option at Costco I go to visit my mom, purchased! Dispell the mysteries around these products so that you can return a mattress topper: Harmony. Store ) he could not sleep comfortably because there were a few pressure points in,... Shoulder and neck problems financed purchases, any interest paid is not an essential of. Six variations of the best rated options from Costco are their more pressure foam! Cozy bed each night the link to watch our full review for price! Too firm and high for my other bed when it arrived there was longer. Refreshed and with less aches and pains very sore and achy, with their most! Most utterly wonderful sleep experience cover and machine wash in cold water, delicate cycle beautiful, excellent quality helpful! Novaform mattress has a very firm mattress in our sleep an AMAZING and... Our northern condo sits on is a serious problem no way to secure it compressed where weight was.! '' and purchased her this asked to return it & they declined and! The cloud pillow is great but then the topper to help me sleep per. Bothering me that 's what I needed to get a full list of.... % Polyethylene, 2 % Elastane overall feel sleep I have a popular at... Month was I started waking up feeling so refreshed Costco have received good ratings it... Calculated during checkout level of comfort to our current mattress, for I... Foams used in our traditional innerspring mattress does cushion my pressure points sleep! Longer feeling hot and was given a very minor problem as most sheets accommodate the thicker mattresses today!