Woof! That’s me, Rex, a spirited Brittany. My journey hasn’t been an easy one. You see, for a while, I was in this place with a lot of dogs, and we were all waiting. Waiting for a home, waiting for love, and waiting for a chance to run and play without boundaries.

Exciting environments are my lifestyle. Sports like playing ball, swimming, running, hurdle jumping. I love social events, especially when I can smell and kiss the ladies.

And, of course, I love dining …  Won’t turn down a treat now and then. … And love to lie down aggressively chewing on a RAW BONE!

My name is Touché. I call the one who takes care of me, Dad. He’s the best and gives me everything I need. One of the things I love most about Dad is how he takes me on adventures.

Sitting with my coffee and the daily news on one quiet spring morning, I unconsciously kept hearing a strange sound …

“Squeeeek … squeak … squeak … “

Suddenly I realized this was a real sound; I jumped up and began to track down the squeak's source. I stole around the corner, and there, in the middle of my lawn, were Touché and Mona – grazing. They would each bow their heads to the ground and pull with all their might. "Squeak - chomp - chomp. "