Touché Tales

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Touche Tales
June is busting out all over

She Flew the Flue

June 1: She Flew The Flue. It all started late yesterday afternoon when a crazy-weird noise…

Touché And The Robin

Touché And The Robin

This story is dedicated to my Brittany family: Touché, Mona (Touché’s sister), Tango, Lexie…

The Hunt - photo by David Crellen at Mission Trails, San Diego, CA

Touché On The Hunt

Exciting environments are my lifestyle. Sports like playing ball, swimming, running, hurdle…

Touche & Mona At The Beach - photograph by David Crellen

To The Beach

“Wanna go to the beach?” That’s all Dad has to say. My sister, Mona, and I knew just what…

A Brittany with horns A.I. image by NightCafe Creator

Brave Heart Behind Bars

Woof! That’s me, Rex, a spirited Brittany. My journey hasn’t been an easy one. You see, for…

Standoff - photo by David Crellen

A Brittany-Safe Yard

Sitting with my coffee and the daily news on one quiet spring morning, I unconsciously kept…

Goodbye Lady Lexie

Goodbye Lady Lexie

Lexie always had that innate call of the wild. At every opportunity, she would bolt out the…

BARF Diet Collage

The Healthy, Happy Doggy

Why coyotes & wolves don't roast hot dogs on the fire 
It's dark. Hear the fire…

Farewell To Tango

Farewell To Tango

The Courageous Brittany died on November 9, 2021 – He was 16 Tango said goodbye with a…