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December 2023

It's A Wrap

December 2023

It's time to take care of loose ends. Clear the books, so to speak. 

Karen and LexieThat means to think of how well the year has gone for you. Don't think of any of the bad things. That'll ruin the magic of the season and take all the bubbles out of your New Years Eve champagne.

My year went well. My wife, Karen, is as loving as always. I'm pleased with my progress with my projects Quantaverse, Polar Express, Boring Shipping, and CRIPTC.

Happy Holidays

Looking forward, I will be more active writing articles and stories for my website. Meanwhile, enjoy the season and Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

 More importantly, I hope to see a more positive and sensible governments – worldwide. Where peace is a real word that EVERYONE takes seriously. We, the people of the world, have so much to do than to waste our people, resources and minds on the mere task of surviving the hatred and bigotry that's now engulfing the world.

Let's do more than think peace – let's focus on saving we the people and the world in general. This earth and everything in it is too precious to squander it away.

Give Peace a Chance
Give Peace a Chance


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