Too bad we can't backup our brain's memory to the cloud - or can we?

Ponder by: David Crellen — September 2021

The backup to the cloud capability has always been there – the 'cloud', in this case, is the universal consciousness and it's automatic. My concept of universal consciousness will be the subject of an article I will write. Wathc for it.

Make the entire world a DMZ

Rant by: David Crellen / Palm Desert, CA — September 2021

There’s no such thing as a “humane” war …

“… global activism pushed to make the laws of war, either ignored or permissive before, more humane in content and honored in practice …” – NYT 9/3/2021

My take: This is bullshit!/

The loathsome combination of church and state is the root of most of the world’s ills

Quote by: Thomas Jefferson / Monticello, VA — January 29, 1815

Dear Sir. Your letter of Dec. 20. was 4. weeks on it’s way to me. I thank you for it: for altho founded on a misconception, it is evidence of that friendly concern for my peace and welfare which I have ever believed you to feel. of publishing a book on religion, my dear Sir, I never had an idea. I