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Farewell To Tango

The Courageous Brittany died on 
November 9, 2021 – He was 16

Tango said goodbye with a silent sigh and a smile. He was by my side at 8:15 in the morning. He is now enjoying doggy heaven with fellow Brittanies Daisy, Mona, Touché, and all the other K9 Angels.


…He lived a great life

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Farewell To Tango

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Saturday, May 20 — Number Magic Bubbles

Bubble Magic – photograph by David CrellenThe Pentagon says an accounting mistake frees Up $3 billion more for Ukraine. What kind of accountant works for the gov? I wish my accountant could find even a thousand-dollar error in my favor! I never took any accounting classes, but I've often wondered if there is a class called "Accounting Magic." 

Here we are at the brink of a financial crisis regarding the debt ceiling. Instead of all standing around with their thumb up their asses, I'd think the politicians would be out searching for Accounting Magic scholars.

Another thought would be to call in the chips from our nation's billionaires. For example, if their wealth is double-digit, they must pitch in a one-time billion dollars. Single-digit, well, we'll let them off this time as the doublers would get us out of this political crisis as this mess is only a political obstacle that… read more


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Trains & Boats & Planes, Oh My! – poster by David Crellen
May 20th, 2023

Trains & Boats & Planes, Oh My! – Video Trailer

- - - Confessions of a globetrotting songstress


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The loathsome combination of church and state is the root of most of the world’s ills

Quote by: Thomas Jefferson / Monticello, VA — January 29, 1815

Dear Sir. Your letter of Dec. 20. was 4. weeks on it’s way to me. I thank you for it: for altho founded on a misconception, it is evidence of that friendly concern for my peace and welfare which I have ever believed you to feel. of publishing a…

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I am David Crellen …

David Crellen… I loved photography and dreaming since childhood
… and I loved dogs, travel, food and wine since adulthood

I cut my teeth in Boston, MA for my first seventeen years of life. For the next twelve years I enjoyed traveling and working around the world. I then finally grew up - sorta - in San Diego – But I never stopped traveling, working and enjoying life! 

My life had legs – One leg was practical with a sense of responsibility. The other was foot loose and fancy free.. That’s what made my life exciting and adventurous – yet, without killing my self.  …  read more