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Nono Loading Dock – photograph by David Crellen
Nono Loading Dock (fictional) – photograph by David Crellen

I've been watching an uber-interesting course on about Nanotechnology. Its application is especially suitable to the medical field, where the technology can produce miniature devices (thousands of them could fit across a single human hair!). These can be made to carry payloads of medications and deliver them to the targeted cells.   
These devices exist today and are becoming very successful in the scientists' goals.

I can envision where this technology will take us to the future entrepreneur building their businesses. Here is a peak into the conversation of one of them at a trade show/symposium somewhere, someplace in the future:

"Hello, I am a manufacturer. My significant customers are those who fight human cancer.

I am in the business of manufacturing Nono Loading Dock – photograph by David Crellendelivery vehicles – somewhat like trucks. My factory makes billions of these vehicles a day. They come in basically two sizes. One will deliver a small package of medication to the inside of a cell. The other is designed to drop the consignment at the cell's doorstep. This package is probably tasked to enwrap the cell's exterior. 

I am here at this symposium to seek more information about loading docks and possibly find someone in the business of making loading docks and equipment to load my vehicles.

Delivering the packages is not a problem. My vehicles are designed as single-use only vehicles. They will deliver the package by dissolving itself,  leaving the package to do its thing."

Welcome to the new world!

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