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Number Magic Bubbles

or - Found: money in the mattress

Bubble Magic – photograph by David Crellen
Bubble Magic – photograph by David Crellen

The Pentagon's Money Bubble
The Pentagon's Money Bubble

The Pentagon says $3 billion more for Ukraine was 

discovered due to an accounting mistake.. What kind of accountant works for the gov? I wish my accountant could find even a thousand-dollar error in my favor! I never took any accounting classes, but I've often wondered if there is a class called "Accounting Magic." 

Here we are at the brink of a financial crisis regarding the debt ceiling. Instead of all standing around with their thumb up their asses, I'd think the politicians would be out searching for Accounting Magic scholars.

Another thought would be to call in the chips from our nation's billionaires. For example, if their wealth is double-digit, they must pitch in a one-time billion dollars. Single-digit, well, we'll let them off this time as the doublers would get us out of this political crisis as this mess is only a political obstacle that keeps this game going.

Speaking of a billion, a million was the magic number in my younger days. Suddenly I guess I blinked because the magic number had added three zeros. Now, even my tract home is worth over a million! One of my primary goals was to be a millionaire before I became 35 – and I met that goal – well, on paper, at least.

It's not only individuals that are driven by that nine-zero number. Companies aren't even companies if they can't raise a billion-dollar investment or forecast ten-digit annual revenues.

Hocus Pocus. Add more zeros like the coming of the locust.

The turn-of-the-century dot-com blowout caused this three-zero jump in our thinking and actions.

Let's blame the Internet. Because the world suddenly became smaller by a factor of three digits. Then the advent of the smartphone helped accelerate that. It became vastly easier and cheaper to reach beyond our realistic reach.

And this phenomenon keeps on growing. When Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone in January 2007, he suggested Apple wanted a modest 10% chunk of the cell phone market. That figure turned out to be ten million for the whole year. Today, Apple sells iPhones at that same rate of 10 million – per month!!!

So my goal today would not be to become a millionaire by 35, not even a billionaire, but to become a multi-billionaire!

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