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October 2023

Haunting October

Haunting October – PhotoArt by David Crellen

Mona on fall leaves with ballOctober should be a calming month. The leaves are falling. The fall colors are showing. The fall transition weather should be gentler. We, in the northern hemisphere temperate zone will be bundling up.

Halloween Lady with FriendLet's hope the feds won't be playing any tricks on us. Let's hope the world's troubles ease up allowing we to enjoy our year's harvests. Let's hope we can enjoy a nice treat at the end of the month instead of a nasty trick.

Talking about trick-playing, it was down to the wire. I'm talking about congress' game of Kick-the-Can which, at the last MOMENT, it was kicked down the time-runway to treat our Thanksgiving Day with this crazy game. I suppose that if Kevin McCarthy keeps his job we may squeak by. But … no guarantees on that.

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