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Russia's Rouble Declines A Further 30%

Does this mean Russian oligarch billionaires are now mere multimillionaires?

Photo: Elena Fairytale, Pexels
Photo: Elena Fairytale, Pexels

The Rouble has declined 100% since Putin's vicious invasion of Ukraine.  I wonder how much longer the Oligarchs can tolerate their fiscal disenfranchisement, meaning their ability to travel the world as an emperor – these days it's more like emperors without clothes. Ha ha.

Plus, their toys have mostly disappeared!  Absconded because of their country's bully.

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And to think that half of our citizens want to elect our financial wizard and "perfect" businessman (forget about twice impeached and four times indicted) to help him out.  Maybe our other half can buy him a one way ticket to Moscow so that he can personally help Mr. Putin.

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