Term limits be damned

President Carter doesn’t follow any rules.

President Jimmy Carter - almost 99 years

Mr. Carter as defied rules – and death – many times over his life as a farmer, a US Navy officer, a President, as a lover and savior of people, as a human being! He has a very high Emotinal Intelligence.

Instead of a memorial service he could not attend, Mr. Carter has experienced a living eulogy, soaking up tributes from around the globe. Relatives and advisers say he is aware of what has been written and said, and is deeply grateful.

“He’s got so much joy in seeing his presidency and post-presidency revisited,” said Paige Alexander, the chief executive of the Carter Center, the nonprofit institution that served as the base for his philanthropic work over the last four decades. “In many ways, that keeps him going — along with peanut butter ice cream.”

Read more in the New York Times article, "Jimmy Carter’s Final Chapter: Peanut Butter Ice Cream and His 99th Birthday", 9/21/2023

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