The True Meaning Of Fail-Safe

Can you trust others?

Rough Skies Ahead - photo by David Crellen
Rough Skies Ahead - photo by David Crellen

"Welcome to Flight 120. In case of an emergency landing overwater, you will find a flotation device under your seat. Grab it and follow instructions to exit. In case of emergency landing over land, the back of your seat is a parachute. Just tighten your seatbelt. Then grab the upper seat belt straps that will appear. Pull them tightly around your chest. Make sure they are tight. the pilot will automatically release your parachute and you will be ejected prior to the crash, er, emergency landing."

Thus spoke the flight attendant as we rolled down the taxiway …

This scenario is, of course, fiction. But it can be as real as life when someone tells you, "Trust me. Nothing could go wrong. And, if so, the worst that can happen is … blah … blah … blah!"

So, the next time you hear those words, think of Flight 120. It will, truly, put you back on firm ground.

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