Too bad we can't backup our brain's memory to the cloud

… or perhaps we can!

Brain in the Cloud

Too bad there’s no way to backup our own human memory to a "time Machine" in the clouds just like we have for personal computers.  I’m sure that will be a future development … or is it already available?

The backup to the cloud capability has always been there – the 'cloud', in this case, is the universal consciousness and it's automatic. My concept of universal consciousness will be the subject of an article I will write. Watch for it.

Rendering the memory restore function needs work, though. Will the world's religions work it out the meaning and process of Universal Consciousness? – or can the medical/mental health profession think outside the box and do it?

Some religious beliefs and practices may provide a framework for exploring the concept of universal consciousness and may contribute to the broader discourse on the subject. Ultimately, it is unlikely that any single discipline or group will have a monopoly on understanding universal consciousness, and it will likely be a subject of ongoing investigation and debate.

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