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Brave Heart Behind Bars

Story by A.I. Chatsworth

A Brittany with horns A.I. image by NightCafe Creator
A Brittany with horns A.I. image by NightCafe Creator
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Woof! That’s me, Rex, a spirited Brittany. My journey hasn’t been an easy one. You see, for a while, I was in this place with a lot of dogs, and we were all waiting. Waiting for a home, waiting for love, and waiting for a chance to run and play without boundaries.

One day, I overheard someone mention how Brittanys are enthusiastic, and great hunters, but they weren’t sure if we were as affectionate or as adaptable as other breeds. This made me think about the time when I was younger, running through open fields, feeling the wind ruffle my coat, hunting, pointing, and retrieving. That’s who I am. But I also remember curling up with my human in front of a warm fireplace, feeling safe and cherished. That's who I want to be.

As days passed, many dogs around me found their forever homes, while some were still waiting. Every time someone walked through the gate, my heart would pound a little faster, hoping they would choose me.

Then, one day, it happened.

A family came in - a couple with a young kid. They were holding a picture. Curious as ever, I tried to get a glimpse of it. To my surprise, it was a photograph of a brave-looking Brittany, mid-hunt, with a focused and determined look. That image was my past; it was me.

As they looked from the photo to the dogs around, I wagged my tail, hoping to catch their attention. When our eyes met, I saw curiosity and hope. I barked softly, letting them know I recognized the dog in the picture. It was like they were searching for a hint of that brave hunter in the dog standing before them. So, I mustered all the courage I had and stood tall, showing them my heart, my spirit, and my past.

The kid approached, extending a gentle hand. I leaned into it, savoring the warmth and the love it promised. The parents discussed, glanced at the photo, looked at me, and smiled. It felt right. They could see beyond the bars, beyond the shelter, into the heart of a Brittany that once was, and still is, a brave hunter and a loyal friend.

The paperwork was signed, the leash was on, and just like that, I walked out with them, towards a new life, new memories, and a home.
As we left, I looked back at my friends still waiting, hoping they too would find their perfect family. And as the car pulled away, I felt the wind against my face again, reminding me of my past and promising a future full of adventures and love.

In that moment, I knew I was chosen not just because of a photograph but because of the love, bravery, and spirit I hold within. The spirit of a Brittany.

About this story:

A.I. Chatsworth is not the author's real name. It’s ChatGPT Artificial Inteligence (AI). I asked ChatGPT to write a narrative on a Brittany who is lost and needs to be rescued from the viewpoint of a dog. He used to be a great hunting dog but lost his edge. It took 16 seconds for it to compose a result. The subsequent story is its literal result which I got after refining my initial query five times.

This article is not about how AI could replace a writer. That's a scary idea. Hollywood writers are up in arms because of this fear of being replaced by a robot.

This turn of events is reminiscent of the major upheaval when the automobile threatened to replace the horse a century ago. Both those who made horse-drawn livery trucks and horse-drawn livery truck drivers were deeply worried about being replaced. )How do you think the horse felt?)

The smart ones realized a new, wondrous era was about to start. The builder could make a more powerful and efficient truck, and the drivers could more easily get their work done and faster. (The horse, of course, got to love green pastures.)

It's the same with this new technology transition. The smart writers will quickly learn that AI will make a great assistant – a great, time-saving tool. It can do basic research in seconds, write first drafts, grammar-check and spell-check the final writer's draft, write a quick query email, and so on.

What AI cannot do is write a story that has emotional intelligence. Ask AI, “should eat some ice cream?” It will respond with a dissertation about the ingredients, nutritional value, etc. When the emotional answer should be "YES!". – I rest my case.

The bottom line is, no matter your profession, Artificial Intelligence will invade it. But keep your chin up and figure out how to use it as your friend – your valuable tool that will help you, personally, excel to a higher capability.

AI has, indeed, invaded the visual media, too. I asked NightCafe Creator to create a "Brittany with horns,” which I got – literally! Notice the black nose and standup ears| (I can only shudder if I asked it to write a Brittany love song!)

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