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She Flew the Flue

A bird fell down my chimney

June is busting out all over

June 1: She Flew The Flue.

It all started late yesterday afternoon when a crazy-weird noise emanated from the TV, It sounded like someone was stumbling and thumping in a metal duct. Finley was immediately up and at ’em — staring at the TV. .

… But the TV was not on! …

Actually, the crazy noise was coming from the fireplace situated directly behind the TV. The thumping came with a lot of chirping! Turns out that a bird fell down the chimney!

I had the flue closed as we are no longer using the fireplace. It was a big deal to move the 55-inch TV, but I was able to reach into the pit and open the flue. I saw a feathered wing as the bird panicked within. But it wouldn’t move. One time, I saw its claws. But then there was total silence for the rest of the day into the night. Sadly, I thought it had died of a heart attack. We went to bed, leaving the TV ajar.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by what I thought was Finley frantically scratching himself. I got up only to find him soundly asleep.

Frantic birdThis morning I saw what the ruckus was about. The bird had escaped the flue and was frantically trying to escape via a closed kitchen window, Finley, frantic and frustrated, watching.

Flies be damned, I opened all the doors. And I walked up to the apparently healthy bird. It finally took off to frantically fly around the 10-12-foot high great room ceiling. Perhaps crazy Finley was making it stay high. It finally came to rest on the window ledge above our front door.

What to do. In my previous home, I would get my pool net and scoop it up. Aha, I’ll get my rake and chase it until it finally goes out. I raised the rake to the ledge – nothing. Then, like magic, the bird calmly stepped onto the rake! Imagine that! I lowered it to the open door – nothing. I carried it outside. Finally, the bird jumped off the rake and onto my outdoor chandelier, where it stayed a long while, like saying thank you and goodbye.

The bird is freeFinally – off it went!!  It’s probably one of the songbirds that eat the 2-pounds of seed I feed daily. Occasionally, they sit on the chimney edge and serenade us through the fireplace. Perhaps it was singing an operatic aria when it leans back to embellish ‘con brio!’ and tutti benito, down it went!

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